Aircraft Wheels & Brakes, by  B.F. Goodrich Co.

Aircraft Wheels & Brakes

by B.F. Goodrich Co.

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Part 1, 20 minutes:
A general overview of the theory, design, and operation of the wheel and brake systems of mid sized to large aircraft. Discusses how they work as integrated units and the types of loads, including heat and pressure they are normally and occasionally subjected too.

Part 2, 54 minutes:
The FAA approval process for designers and manufacturers of larger aircraft wheel and brakes systems. This section describes the types of tests, including radial, static, and pressure, that each component and integrated system is required to pass for TSO certification. Then each level of the approval process for the manufacturer is explained including Manufacturing, Operational, Maintenance, and Overhaul Access.

This video impresses on the viewer the importance of careful inspection and maintenance practices involving aircraft wheel and brake systems.

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