Transport Category Aircraft Systems, by Thomas Wild

Transport Category
Aircraft Systems

by Thomas Wild

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The only text available that covers FAR part 121 aircraft. A system-by-system approach to understanding jet transports. Necessary for A&P students and licensed technicians wanting to work on large aircraft. The 3rd edition now includes Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A380.

Transport aircraft systems have undergone many changes in the rapidly changing electronic age, and Transport Category Aircraft Systems helps make sense of them. It introduces the reader to aircraft systems through in-depth explanations and detailed illustrations. Designed for readers who have basic knowledge of aeronautical terminology and aircraft systems, Transport Category Aircraft Systems provides simple and self contained description and familiarization of large transport category aircraft and their on-board systems from electrical power systems to oxygen systems, to communication systems, and beyond.


Types of Transport Aircraft
Boeing 717 series
Boening 727 series
Boeing 737 series
Boeing 747 series
Boring 757 Twin Jet series
Boeing 767 Twin Jet series
Boeing 777 Twin Jet series
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Douglas Aircraft Company
MD DC-9 series
MD-80 series
MD-90 series
DC-10 series
MD-11 series
Lockheed L-1011 Tristar series
Auxiliary Power Units, Pneumatic, & Environmental Controls
APU systems
pneumatic systems
environmental systems
pressurization systems
Anti-Icing and Rain Protection
ground de-icing / anti-icing
Boeing 757 anti-icing systems
Lockheed L-1011 anit-icing systems
Electrical Power Systems
power sources
system components
electrical system configurations
727 electrical system
737-300 electrical systems
747 electrical systems
777 electrical systems
DC-9 electrical systems
DC-10 electrical systems
A380 electrical system
Flight Control Systems
Boeing 727
L-1011 flight controls
Airbus A320 flight controls
777 fly-by-wire control system
MD DC-10
Airbus A380 flight controls
Fuel Systems
turbine engine fuels
fuel system contamination
fuel systems
Boeing 737-300 fuel systems
L-1011 fuel systems
MD DC-9 fuel systems
747-400 fuel systems
Airbus A380 fuel system
Hydraulic Systems
hydraulic fluid
componenets of hydraulic systems
737-300 hydraulic systems
757 hydraulic systems
757 landing gear systems
747-400 hydraulic systems
747-400 landing gear
L-1011 hydraulic systems
MD DC-9 hydraulic systems
Airbus A380 hydraulic systems
Oxygen Systems
L-1011 oxygen system
737-300 oxygen system
747-400 oxygen system
Airbus A380 oxygen system
Warning and Fire Protection Systems
fire protection systems
L-1011 fire protection systems
aircraft warning systems
L-1011 aural warning systems
737-300 fire and warning systems
757 fire protection systems
engine indication and crew alerting system
Airbus A380 Fire and Smoke Prtotection
Communication, Instruments, and Navigational Systems
navigation equipment
737-300 avionics
757 avionics
767 flight management system
777 avionics
777 navigation systems
Airbus A380 auto flight system
Information and Auxilary Systems
Boeing 777 airplane information system
747-400 central maintenance computer
Airbus A380 onboard maintenance system
potable water system
waste systems
lighting systems
emergency equipment
equipment cooling systems
maintenance information
Appendixes and Glossary


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