Helicopter Aerodynamics  #2, by Ray W. Prouty

Helicopter Aerodynamics #2

by Ray W. Prouty

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RW Prouty's second edition for helicopter pilots wanting a more advanced understanding of helicopter flight than what is typically taught in basic private pilot programs.

This is a collection of the Ray Prouty's columns in Rotor and Wing and American Helicopter Society's Vertiflite magazine from 1992 to 2004.

Ray Prouty has helped to enlighten the helicopter world through his many years of columns in a variety of helicopter magazines, his books and teaching around the world. He has contributed greatly to the understanding of a very complex subject by his clear writing, excellent diagrams and dry humor.

The columns that appeared from 1979 to 1992 in Rotor and Wing magazine were combined in Helicopter Aerodynamics, and now the columns from 1992 to 2004 from Rotor and Wing and other places are once again available. These articles will add to the body of knowledge that Ray has helped to grow so well.

Ray's career began in 1952, when he put his Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Washington to application at Hughes Tool Co.'s Aircraft Division. He worked as a helicopter aerodynamicist at Hughes until 1954, when he moved his talents to Sikorsky Aircraft until 1956. Between 1958 and 1960, Ray was a stability and control specialist at Bell Helicopter, and then group engineer for helicopter aerodynamics at Lockheed Aircraft from 1960 to 1973. From 1973 until his retirement in 1987, Ray was back at Hughes Helicopters (McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co.), as Chief of Flying Qualities Analysis. Even though retired, Ray continues to teach the subject of Helicopter Aerodynamics around the world.

He is the winner of the 2000 Alexander Klemin Award from the American Helicopter Association for ‘Notable Achievement in the advancement of Rotary Wing Aeronautics.Ray is an Honorary Fellow of the American Helicopter Society.

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Gross weight, speed, disk loading, and power loading
Maximum speed
Bucket speed
Feathering equals flapping
The helicopter in trim
Airfoil aerodynamics
The aerodynamic center
Dynamic lift
The Gurney flap
Compound helicopters
The truth about propellers and wings
Tandem helicopter trim
Coaxial helicopters
The BERP tip
The scissors rotor
A tilt-rotor challenge
Fan in fin
Horizontal tail trouble
How the Apache got its tail
History of cyclic pitch
The hover problem
Vortex rings in hover
Flying high
Managing emergency
Rotor outwash
Helicopter and ride quality
Reduced visibility effects
Flight testing to a new standard
The sidearm controller
The downwind turn
Dynamic rollover
Tail rotor failures
Translational lift
Unrealistic practice autorotations
Autorotation concerns
Maximum descent angle
An autorotation paradox
Never exceed speeds
Speed stability
Center of gravity position
Dutch roll design compromises
Torque change with roll
Damping is good
Settling with power
Tail and main rotor interactions
Computers and roll aerodynamics
Two-G Charlie
Floquet theory
Tip loss
Root stalls
Coriolis Effects
Angle of attack and lift distribution
Slots and flaps on rotor blades
Circulation control blades
The jet flap rotor
Wind tunnel wall corrections
Mechanical blade couplings
Coupling considerations
Designing quiet helicopters
Blade vortex interactions
Vibration prediction
G's versus IPS's
Vibration absorbers
Calming the rotor
Gerald Herricks' HV-2A
The Sikorsky R-6
Helicopters in China


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