Private Pilot Test Prep 2019: for private pilot and rotorcraft

Private Pilot Test Prep 2019

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Includes study questions for the Private and Recreational Pilot FAA Knowledge exam, supported with answers and explanations. Includes CT-8080-2E.

Private and Recreational Pilot questions represent those on FAA Knowledge Exams, and are arranged by subject into chapters, supported with Answers, Explanations (for correct and incorrect answers) and References. Questions are identified for Airplane, Rotorcraft, Glider, Lighter-Than-Air, Powered Parachute, and Weight-Shift Control so you know which questions to study for your specific test. Helpful test instructions, tips, cross-references, and more included.

FAA Computer Testing Supplement is bundled with every test book so you will become accustomed to referring to the FAA Figures and Legends as you will during the test. This is the same book you will be issued at the testing center.

The questions are arranged into chapters based on subject matter to promote better understanding, aid recall, and thus provide a more efficient study guide.

Use Test Prep 2019 - Private Pilot for the following Knowledge Exams:

Recreational Pilot - Airplane
Recreational Pilot - Helicopter
Recreational Pilot - Gyroplane
Private Pilot - Airplane
Private Pilot - Helicopter
Private Pilot - Gyroplane
Private Pilot - Glider
Private Pilot - Balloon - Hot Air
Private Pilot - Balloon - Gas
Private Pilot - Airship
Private Pilot - Powered Parachute
Private Pilot - Weight-Shift Control
Private Pilot Airplane/Recreational Pilot - Transition
Private Pilot Gyroplane/Recreational Pilot - Transition
Private Pilot Helicopter/Recreational Pilot - Transition
Private Pilot Canadian Conversion Sport Pilot - Airplane
Sport Pilot - Balloon
Sport Pilot - Glider
Sport Pilot - Airship
Sport Pilot - Powered Parachute
Sport Pilot - Weight-Shift Control
Sport Pilot - Gyroplane

As of mid 2011, FAA no longer provides the actual questions that appear on your tests. While the questions appearing in this test guide are similar to, and cover the same material as those on the actual test, they are no longer word to word identical. The questions in this guide and others come from 3 primary sources:
1] Sample questions provided by FAA from years 2011 and later.
2] Questions from actual FAA test banks from years prior to 2011.
3] Questions written by publishers to fill in topics not covered by actual FAA samples.


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