Rod Machado Private Handbk/Workbk Set, by Rod Machado

Rod Machado Private Handbk/Workbk Set

by Rod Machado

Book Set of 2
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A different kind of Private Pilot's textbook set. Very thorough, very detailed, very complete, highly illustrated - but taught in a way that makes you remember what you're supposed to be learning. Even the meteorology section is enjoyable and intriguing. Rod Machado has done an excellent job presenting a vast amount of required information in a way that makes you remember and understand.

Many major flight schools, including Embry Riddle, have switched to this book from those of the major publishers. Since doing so, they have reported their student pass rate up 15-20%. It's easy to see why. Highly recommended. The matching workbook contains questions and answers from the FAA private pilot written test along with additional student study aides and for instructors, an FAA approved Part 141 ground school syllabus.

  • New weather codes: METAR & TAF
  • Alphabet airspace made E-Z with 3-D color illustrations
  • Easy to understand analogies and examples for technical subjects such as aerodynamics, engines and flight instruments
  • The airplane's electrical system described using the water analogy of electricity
  • Step-by-step procedures for planning X-country flights
  • Clear, down-to-earth explanations of pertinent FARs-Part 61 & 91
  • Easy to apply navigation methods for VOR, GPS & ADF!
  • Practical tips and techniques for ensuring a safe and enjoyable flight

Items included in this kit:
airplane iconPrivate Pilot Workbook, Booknot for sale individually
airplane iconRod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook, Book$64.95
  • 1] Airplane Components
    • getting to know your airplane
  • 2] Aerodynamics
    • the wing is the thing
  • 3] Engines
    • knowledge of engines is power
  • 4] Electrical Systems
    • knowing what's watt
  • 5] Flight Instruments
    • clocks, tops, & toys
  • 6] Federal Aviation Regulations
    • how FAR can we go
  • 7] Airport Operations
    • no doctor needed
  • 8] Radio Operations
    • aviation spoken here
  • 9] Airspace
    • the wild blue, green, & red yonder
  • 10] Aviation Maps
    • the art of the chart
  • 11] Radio Navigation
    • the frequency flyer program
  • 12] Understanding Weather
    • looking for friendly skies
  • 13] Weather Charts & Briefings
  • 14] Flight Planning
    • getting from there to here
  • 15] Airplane Performance charts
    • know before you go
  • 16] Weight & Balance
    • let's wait and balance
  • 17] Pilot Potpourri
    • neat aeronautical information


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Written in a fun and witty style. Aug 31, 2011 Anonymous
  A serious text written in a fun and witty style. More than 1,100 original illustrations and photos with 64 pages in color, ensures this to be a one-of-a-kind manual. You can learn or review by just looking at the pictures. However, the text is laced with Machado's humor, so you will want to read every word. Written in the first person, it's as if Rod is sitting next to you, personally... more...