Private Pilot Part 61 Kit: core Jeppesen manuals with some upgraded items

Private Pilot Part 61 Kit

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Private Pilot Training Kits, designed for FAR Part 61 training programs include all the necessary items for your course of study.

This kit includes all core Jeppesen Part 61 training material but with these upgraded items.
* heat resistant ProFlite lexan plotter replaces laminate type.
* identical content ASA Practical Test Standards helps lower the cost.
* includes similar but heavier duty Proflite flight bag.
* enhanced ProFlite Pre Solo exam includes additional questions regarding local airspace.
* adds current year Flight library CD including 16 additional Private Pilot training manuals for your PC, Mac, laptop, or portable device

Please note prior to ordering:
Typically small flight schools at small airports operate under FAR Part 61. Typically large flight schools at larger airports operate under FAR Part 141.

If you are a student training at a flight school, we recommend asking your instructor for a suggested book list or kit recommendation prior to ordering.

If you are training privately with a local flight instructor it is likely that a Part 61 kit will meet your needs. However, we still recommend asking him or her for a recommended list of supplies prior to ordering.

Wanna Pay Less?
In some cases, comparable yet cheaper items may be substituted for items in this standard kit. Or, if there is something in this standard kit you don’t need, tell us. We’ll take it out and lower the price. We specialize in custom kits. Call or e-mail us and have it your way!

To Flight Schools and Aviation Colleges:
Custom training kits designed for your curriculum and your teaching style are available at wholesale prices which are often less than standard publisher's. Please call 970 726-5111 and let us design one for you.


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