Aviation Weather Set: FAA-AC00-45G and FAA-AC00-6B

Aviation Weather Set

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Aviation Weather and Aviation Weather Services together in one set.

Aviation Weather:

This important FAA Advisory Circular (AC) has been in circulation under a variety of titles for more than 70 years. The latest edition of Aviation Weather (AC 00-6B) has been updated to reflect the latest practices and advancements in technology to better prepare and educate pilots for flight in various weather conditions, using modern resources. This book discusses each aspect of weather as it relates to aircraft operation and flight safety.

Aviation Weather Services

The FAA and NWS co-publish Aviation Weather Services (Advisory Circular 00-45H with change 1), which features full-color illustrations throughout and full coverage of the weather-related tools that assist pilots with flight planning and in-flight decisions.

This text thoroughly explains the many U.S. aviation weather products and services available to pilots. Weather product examples and explanations are taken primarily from the Aviation Weather Centerís Aviation Digital Data Service website http://adds.aviationweather.noaa.gov. The AC provides hundreds of weather website addresses for weather resources and definitions. It is an unprecedented level of convenience and study access for pilots planning flights and researching weather.

Items included in this kit:
airplane iconFAA-AC00-6BAviation Weather, Book, by FAA$14.95
airplane iconFAA-AC00-45HAviation Weather Services, Book, by FAA$24.95


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