How to Pinstripe, by Alan Johnson

How to Pinstripe

by Alan Johnson

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All you need to know about pinstriping: getting started, mastering the form, or understanding how a good design comes together--from acclaimed veteran striper Alan Johnson.

Although this book and its author come from an automotive background, the techniques are the same. We have all seen some amazing pinstripe work done on airplanes. If you too would consider such a challenge, here's how its done.

Completely illustrated with step by step color photography throughout, How to Pinstripe is a comprehensive source fro stone cold beginners and salty veterans alike.

From the Introduction:

Question: How do you learn how to pinstripe?

Answer: Get one gallon of paint and three or four pinstriping brushes. When you get to the bottom of the can, you'll know how to pinstripe.

From the Author:

I grew up outside of the small town of Red Bank, New Jersey, and saw very few cars with pinstriping on them, let alone anyone actually pinstriping a car in person. With many questions in my head, I sought out the only information available to me at the time, which came from a few small rod and custom magazines with even smaller pictures of dashboards covered in cool-looking lines.

After much searching, I bought a brush in a wallpaper and paint store and I started painting everything in sight. Little knowledge is not necessarily a bad thing, I tested the limits of everything that brush could and could not do. Trial and error is the best teacher. Since I didn't know I couldn't stripe, I just did it.

My goal with this book is to lift the veil of mystery that has surrounded pinstriping for the beginner and eliminate the fear of learning to pinstripe. Hopefully, car enthusiasts will find it entertaining. Veteran pinstripers might find a few new insights to make their jobs a little more enjoyable.

I hope to introduce you to all the materials and methods you may need to get to "the bottom of the can." There are as many ways to pinstripe as there are brushes and pinstripers who hold them. The brother- and sisterhood of fellow artists ("pinheads") have graciously shared their own knowledge and techniques with me, adding up to numerous years of experience that I now will share with you.

But remember: you will have to see what works for you. About halfway through the can you will know. So just get the brush and let's go!

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