Zenith CH701  Forward Fuselage: step-by-step builder's demonstration

Zenith CH701
Forward Fuselage

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246 min
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A step-by-step video guide for builders of the popular Zenith CH701 aircraft kit.

This double set (2 DVDs) is a single volume in a series of videos being developed to cover the entire build process for the CH701 kit. FORWARD FUSELAGE is meant to follow the building progress where the REAR FUSELAGE volume left off. You need to have completed the construction demonstrated in this previous volume as a prerequisite.

Some of the demonstrations shown in this video include:

  • fabrication of forward fuselage components
  • using clecos prior to riveting
  • layout of firewall
  • techniques for aligning the nose bearing
  • assembly of the cabin frame tubes
  • alignment/rigging of the firewall and cabin
  • topside skin installation
  • gear strut fitting preparation

A snippet of the video:

Now – for the first time – a video that takes the frustration and anxiety out of a complex building process! The instructor shows you step by step how to build by demonstrating and explaining!

Build FASTER – eliminate the time required to decode and understand the plans. Any complex aircraft project requires hours of analysis to comprehend the drawings and blueprints before starting the build process. Because this is a critical area upon which the whole project depends, much more time is spent in analysis than is ever originally budgeted. This phase cannot be rushed! The video greatly reduces this time by providing and demonstrating the sequence of events in the build process so you can spend your time actually building rather than analyzing plans. Aircraft projects are notorious for sitting partially completed all over the world – because of a ‘bump in the road’ – usually a procedure or assembly that is not clearly understood. Don't get bogged down. Watch the video to see how it is done.

Save MONEY – fewer errors in assembly means less parts are ruined. Everyone makes mistakes when building… drilling in the wrong places, parts cut or trimmed in the wrong way, performing tasks that are out of sequence and having to take things apart and do them over, parts get ruined or compromised,‘extra’ drilled holes cannot be easily hidden.

Everyone has to re-order a part or two when a mistake is made in cutting, drilling, or bending. This video will save more than its price by preventing the accidental destruction of expensive kit components by allowing you to watch the building before attempting it yourself.


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