Aircraft Painting 101, by Sam James

Aircraft Painting 101

by Sam James

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120 min
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An excellent 2 hour video in which Sam James takes you, in detail, through the finishing, priming, and painting of his RV-4 with the Dupont Veriprime and Chromabase systems.

This video is not as finely produced as some others, but the vast quantity of practical information it contains more than makes up for it. In it Sam James takes you through the complete process of building a ventilated paint booth, setting up your equipment, cleaning and etching of surfaces, priming and painting of a metal wing, a fiberglass wheel pant, and detailed custom design on a horizontal stabilizer.

By the producer of Fiberglass 101.

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  • The construction of an economical paint booth
  • Preparation and sanding
  • Filling pin holes
  • Light filling eliminating low spots
  • Flushing rivet heads
  • Respirators and eye protection
  • Choosing color schemes
  • Mixing materials
  • Use of a spray gun
  • Final cleaning, acid etch, Alodine
  • Priming
  • Base coat prep
  • Spraying the base coat
  • Masking for stripes and other designs
  • Spraying the clear coat
  • Alternative materials for painting fiberglass parts


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