CertTEC Avionics Kit: complete study set for the CertTEC avionics credential

CertTEC Avionics Kit

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eBook orders: Your links and instructions to download Module 13 will arrive immediately. The links for the other three eBooks will follow in a separately email within 24 hours of placing your order.

CertTEC Avionics Credential

This kit represents the complete academic requirement for the CertTEC National Science Foundation avionics license. All written test questions are derived from this set.

In order to best comply with globally recognized standards, this CertTEC credential is based on EASA's B2 avionics rating. Each of this books in this set are fully compliant with EASA Part 66 B2 avionics and all testing is at those same required levels.


As you know, no avionics training in the US is complete without an FAA license to back it up. Introducing A&A; Airframe and Avionics. General and Airframe certified by FAA; Avionics certified by the SpaceTEC/CertTEC Center of the US National Science Foundation.

Here is the program for technology minded students in the US to train for the fast growing field of aircraft electronics and avionics along with the proper certifications to make it legal and to put your resume on the top of the pile.

The 5 titles in this kit represent the Avionics portion. This combined with a certified General and Airframe program given by any approved FAA Part 147 school will qualify you for CertTEC avionics testing.

Schools throughout the US are now gearing up for A&A. Ask your instructors or school counselor about this option. Or call ATB 970 726-5111; or CertTEC 321 730-1020 for a list of schools who will soon be teaching this program.

Self study options leading to CertTEC testing (written and practical) are also available for A&Ps, military, and others with prior experience. Call CertTEC today for a list of testing centers near you. 321 730 1020


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