Mechanic's Toolbox, by John Schwaner

Mechanic's Toolbox

by John Schwaner

Copyright Date:
October 2014
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Latest version of the Mechanics Toolbox now includes free automatic updates plus a master index to navigate through every program on the disk at once.

You get 41 software programs designed to make your job as a mechanic easier. Smart Tools with over 3,526 photographs, 200 catalogs and manuals, 11 videos, and 3 E-books all in one software package. You spend less time looking up information than the old paper catalogs.

New with 2014 updates, this CD contains two basic sections: 1] a mechanics guide to inspecting and operating Lycoming and Continental engines; 2] a Mechanic's Toolbox offering many of the most useful items typically found in printed Mechanic's Handbooks and other handy items not found anywhere else.

* Tire & Tube balance: where to place the tube in the tire for correct balance
* Camshaft Follower: how to inspect the camshaft follower
* Cancutter: how to use an oil filter can Opener
* Aircraft O-rings: an introduction to a complicated subject
* Spark plug barrel size: 3/4 "all weather" and 5/8 - how to tell the difference
spark plug reach: comparison of short reach and long reach spark plugs
* Spark plug gap: How large or small gaps affect engine operation
* Piston Scuffing: what causes piston scuffing?
* Broken valve: how valves break
* Pipe Thread Identification: how to tell the difference between straight and tapered pipe fittings
* Pipe Thread Size: How to size tapered pipe thread fittings
* Hydraulic Lifter - Field testing the hydraulic lifter


Contains The Following Smart Tools:
    • Troubleshooting Guide:
      • A detailed and extensive troubleshooting guide for Lycoming and Continental engines far more in-depth than any other offered
    • Oil Analysis:
      • A troubleshooting and repair guide based on results of oil analysis
    • Engine Defects:
      • A pictorial guide of engine defects showing clear examples of normal and problematic components
    • Engineering Manual Companion:
      • Currently there are over 906 photographs and 768 pages of information that I've written since publishing the Sky Ranch Engineering Manual. So here it is: The Sky Ranch Engineering Manual Companion a program that lets you quickly view all of this information off-line and at your convenience. Download the program and try it out, you can access the program up to 5 times in demo mode.

    • Part Number Cross Reference:
      • Confusing and obsolete part numbers are a real drag. This is the solution. We'll help you find the right one. Many aircraft parts have multiple part numbers. This program finds alternates, cross references, and related numbers for 38,298 general aviation parts. Lubrication mil-spec references and cross-reference tables for hardware.
    • Reference Charts:
      • Temperature reference for many materials gives maximum, melting, burning temperatures, Rockwell C hardness, drill sizes, fractions, metric prefixes, sheet metal gauges, rivet hole sizes and drill selector, wire gauges, thread pitch, tap sizes, fraction to decimal conversion, aircraft grease chart, adhesive types, metal types and properties.
    • Mechanics Fractions:
      • Fractions, decimals, drill size, tap size, screw size, rivet size, hose size, etc.
    • Ohms law for mechanics:
      • Computes voltage, amps, ohms, and watts
    • Geometric Terms:
      • Mechanics and engineers communicate using specialized terms. Pictures and definitions.
    • Pressure Conversions:
      • Converts between psi - inches of water - inches of mercury - atmosphere.
    • Horsepower:
      • Computes Brake horsepower, Indicated horsepower, BMEP, Calculates horsepower correction for non-standard conditions, Propeller Load Curve, Mechanical efficiency, Thermal efficiency, Volumetric efficiency, Metric horsepower, Electrical horsepower, RAC horsepower, Boiler horsepower, DIN horsepower, SAE horsepower, Engine displacement, Heat capacity of fuels, Brake Specific Fuel Consumption, Aircraft piston engine power charts.
    • Torque Wrench Extension Calculator:
      • Computes settings for torque wrench adapters, conversion for foot-pounds, inch-pounds, ounce-inch, and newton-meter. Includes common torque values, fastener strength, torque calculations. Produce your own extension charts.
    • Vibration computer:
      • Converts between the three primary units of measure that define engine vibration; Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration. Also computes engine vibration orders and discusses engine pendulum absorbers.
    • Velocity:
      • Computes velocity change with horsepower change
    • Propeller Load Curve:
      • Computes changes in horsepower given change in rpm.
    • AN bolts:
      • Use for selecting proper AN bolt size and length, washer type and size, and nut type and size. Displays bolt diameter, wrench size, bolt total length, bolt grip length, bolt head markings, bolt torque, cotter key size, washer type, etc. Includes Nuts, washers, and cotter keys. Your reference guide to aircraft hardware.
    • NAS Hardware:
      • MS Aircraft Bolts Reference charts and data for 14 different NAS hardware and MS bolts.
    • Metric Hardware:
      • Reference charts and guides for metric bolts, nuts and screws.
    • Fastener Strength:
      • Aircraft hardware series - computes bolt breaking, yield, torque, clamp force. Includes large library of fastener strength values, nut strength, shear strength, hydrogen embrittlement, zinc coating on high strength bolts, hex nut tensile strength, nut K factors including effect of phosphates on bolt torque.
    • Pipe Thread Ruler:
      • Select the correct pipe fitting size or dash size. Everything about threads; metric, straight, British, AN, SAE, Port Threads "J" threads, thread abbreviation, etc. The Easiest way to learn. Includes thread definitions. Pipe thread torque.
    • Aircraft Fittings:
      • Visual identification charts of over 50 aviation fitting types including port identification, port O-rings, torque specifications, NPT fittings, gasket applications, sealing applications, AN fittings, JIC fittings, flaring for AN fittings.
    • Cowl Fasteners:
      • Cowling 1/4 turn captive fasteners includes Camlock, Dzus, Southco, Camlock, and Airlock with visual identification
    • Aircraft Drain Valves:
      • Over 41 different types of drain valves are pictured in the visual identification chart. Includes application data. Curtis, Safair, and MDI valves are listed.
    • Aircraft Metals:
      • Everything you might need to know about aircraft metal. Properties, uses, designations. Stainless steel specifications and types. You're off to a good start when you know your metals.
    • Plastics:
      • Types of machine plastics, application, properties, and machining and drilling tips.
    • Screws:
      • Photos and reference size charts for 30 different aircraft screw types, cross references, size charts.
    • Rivets:
      • Types of aerospace rivets, size and weight, hole size standards, rivet driving standards, countersink head standards, defect standards. Includes blind rivets such as CherryMax, cowl fastener rivets, and fabric rivet, pop rivets.
    • Wire Rope:
      • MIL-DTL 83420 Control cable, galvanized control cable, sleeves, and swedge ends. Includes AN turnbuckles and MS turnbuckles and aircraft pulleys.
    • O-rings:
      • AN, MS, NAS o-ring types, sizes, and specifications, inspection, cross-references, Boss O-rings, etc. Includes an6230, an6227, ms29513, ms28775 and others.
    • Hose Shop:
      • Hose types, specifications, part numbers, firesleeve. Helps you select the proper hose or hose assembly.
    • Aircraft Ducting:
      • Reference chart for Scat and Cat aircraft air ducting.
    • Gears:
      • Spur gear description, nomenclature, inspection, involute curves.
    • Grease Selector:
      • Selects the proper grease for the jobs including MilSpec data and type explanations.
    • Anti-Seize Selector:
      • Select the proper anti-seize for the job. Includes specifications and differences.
    • Adhesives:
      • Types and applications
    • Aircraft Wire:
      • Everything you need to know about aircraft wire. Aerospace wire types and ratings, voltage drop, circuit protection, altitude de-rating, mil-spec listing. MIL-W-22759 wire charts.
    • Ignition Harness:
      • Repairing aircraft piston engine (Lycoming and Continental) ignition harnesses. Lots of photographs show you how to do your own repair.
    • Slick Magneto Shop:
      • step-by-step directions for inspection of Slick 4300 and 6300 magnetos. Program lets you take apart the magnetos and shows what to inspect and what you need to do.
    • Battery tester:
      • Computes battery state of charge for 12 or 24 volt aircraft and 12 volt automotive based on voltage or specific gravity. Apllies temperature correction. Compares self discharge rates versus temperature for sealed and flooded batteries. Tels how long the battery can sit before discharge or damage. Includes battery wiring diagrams.
    • Alternator Charging System Checker:
      • step-by-step instruction for diagnosing aircraft alternator charging system problems. Alternator types, testing. Regulator types, pin-out diagrams, mounting diagrams, troubleshooting guide
    • Starter Analyzer:
      • step-by-step instructions using voltage checks for checking the aircraft starting system.
    • Galvanic Corrosion:
      • Galvanic Corrosion Potential of Metals Everything you ever wanted (needed) to know about corrosion. Compares different metal combinations for dissimilar metal corrosion and various protection methods. Corrosion types, protection methods. Learn how to protect your investment. Shows you the difference between zinc, phosphate, cadmium, patina, galvanize, and more. Stainless steel application.
    • Shelf Life:
      • Computes expiration date by quarter for rubber products. For shops who must keep track of cure date for rubber products. Includes shelf life table for common items. Shelf-Life definitions and discussion of shelf-life issues.
    • Aircraft Brakes:
      • Visual identification chart for aircraft brake linings. You spend less time trying to identify brake linings. Aircraft brake lining application for aircraft using Cleveland brakes or Rapco brakes. Brake disc application and identification charts makes your job easier.
    • Navigation Bulbs:
      • visual identification chart and application data for aircraft light bulbs.
    • Compass Deviation Analyzer:
      • Analyses compass deviation to predict the source of the deviation, intensity and direction. When you swing the aircraft and record the compass deviation that data represents a map of the magnetic field affecting the compass. You can then use that information to make changes to the aircraft to help reduce compass errors.
    • Manuals and Catalogs:
      • Mechanic's Toolbox comes with a collection of approximately 100 aircraft parts and maintenance manuals. You can download new manuals into Mechanic's Toolbox. Incudes many hard-to-find manuals.
    • Videos:
      • Video clips demonstrating various maintenance tips.
    • eBooks:
      • Wear Pattern Analysis eBook
      • Crack Detection using the unaided eye eBook
      • Measurement Errors and Challenges for Mechanics eBook
    • Custom Tools:
      • Add your own tools to Mechanic's Toolbox or download new ones. See our Custom Tool library


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What a little jewel! Sep 19, 2011 Anonymous
  I'm still amazed at the amount of excellent data you have provided on the CD. I would have given a months pay to have this when I was an engineer for United Airlines at the San Francisco Maintenance Base. I was an alternate for the Standards Engineer and when he went on vacation or a trip, I was responsible for finding all the hardware that anyone needed. Your CD saves me many hours of digging... more...