Kitplanes Magazine Issue  May 2010

Kitplanes Magazine Issue
May 2010

May 2010
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  • Flight Report
    • 8 It’s a Cub Thing (CubCrafters has been involved in Cubs since 1980. Now, 30 years on, its lineup finally includes an Experimental/Amateur-Built model. Yee-Haw! By Marc Cook.)
  • Builder Spotlight
    • 17 Fixed-Pitch Props (For many builders, propeller choices are borderline bewildering. But here’s a simple question: Will you be happy with a fixed-pitch prop? By Ishmael Fuentes.)
    • 27 All About Avionics: Pitot Static (What you need to know about low-pressure plumbing; by Stein Bruch.)
    • 33 Brake Tech for Builders (Stopping power is something we often take for granted, but there is more to it than meets the eye; by Marc Cook.)
    • 45 Cover Story: Building a Custom Cushion (The basics, plus some tips you may not have thought of that will make your flying more enjoyable; by Mike Manning.)
    • 51 To Launch a Light Sport (Ten miles on a winding road followed by a high-altitude taxi in the Jabiru J250; by Bob Fritz.)
    • 70 Completions (Builders share their successes.)
  • Shop Talk
    • 71 Aero 'lectrics (Back Yard II: The Sequel; by Jim Weir.)
  • Designer’s Notebook
    • 64 Wind Tunnel (The elements of stall flutter; by Barnaby Wainfan.)
  • Exploring
    • 2 Around the Patch (A midwinter day’s graze; by Marc Cook.)
    • 6 What's New (Debuts include the Bearhawk Patrol, GRT Sport SX, Vertical Power VP-X and more; edited by Mary Bernard.)
    • 26 Product Review: J.P. Instruments EDM -740 (A familiar name in engine monitoring unleashes an amazingly flexible all-in-one device; by Marc Cook.)
    • 38 Product Review: PS Engineering PMA 5000EX (A new audio panel shakes up the status quo; by Marc Cook.)
    • 39 What’s In Your Hangar? (Enjoying your hobby in a city-owned box may get a lot more complicated; by Dennis Douglas.)
    • 50 Ask the Dar (Legal lighting and wet compasses; by Mel Asberry.)
    • 57 The Dawn Patrol (Would the fifth time be the charm? By Dick Starks.)
    • 60 Engine Beat (The story on ECI Titan cylinder issues; by Steve Ells.)
    • 73 Light Stuff (Flight-testing your kitbuilt LSA or EAB; by Dave Martin.)
  • Kit Bits
    • 5 Letters
    • 66 List of Advertisers
    • 67 Builders’ Marketplace
    • 75 The Classified Builder
    • 80 Kit Stuff (Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.)


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