Kitplanes MagazineApril 2019, by Phil Dixon

Kitplanes Magazine
April 2019

by Phil Dixon & Sherwood Harris

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  • Sling TSI
    • Flight Review
    • 6 Sling TSi: Four seats. Full fuel. Let’s go! By Paul Dye.
    • Builder Spotlight
      • 5 A Notable Retirement: Chuck Preston is the longest serving employee at KITPLANES®. By Paul Dye.
      • 16 Still Searching for Speed: Looking for the perfect next project, part 2. By Dave Forster.
      • 28 Choosing Plumage for Your Homebuilt: A well-designed paint scheme is the perfect finishing touch for your plane. By LeRoy Cook.
      • 34 Built to Suit: Considering the kit as raw material let John Spratt build an S-20 Raven optimized for his high-country travels. By Tom Wilson.
      • 46 25+ Years with an RV-6: The story of N168TX. By Mel Asberry.
      • 48 Buying a Used Homebuilt: Be sure to consider budget, mission, experience, insurance, and training. By Dave Prizio.
      • 54 Error Chain: Primed for a problem—engine trouble at the flick of a switch. By C. John Graham.
      • 72 Completions: Builders share their successes.
      • Shop Talk
        • 56 Plane and Simple: Trailering an aircraft. By Jon Croke.
        • 64 Home Shop Machinist : Magneto spark tester. By Bob Hadley.
        • 73 Aero ’Lectrics: Staying current, part 2. By Jim Weir.
        • 79 Unairworthy: High-resistance plugs and tester. By Vic Syracuse.
        • Shop Tips
          • 63 Padded C-Clamp: By Larry Larson.
          • Designer’s Notebook
            • 76 Wind Tunnel: Design process—CG loading. By Barnaby Wainfan.
            • Exploring
              • 2 Editor’s Log: How complete? By Paul Dye.
              • 58 Checkpoints: Prepping for the sale. By Vic Syracuse.
              • 62 Building Time: Take your time taking delivery. By Kerry Fores.
              • 78 Rear Cockpit: Twice the fun and half the cost. By Tom Wilson.
              • Kit Bits
                • 5 Letters
                • 67 List of Advertisers
                • 68 Builders’ Marketplace
                • 80 Kit Stuff: Drawing on experience. By cartoonist Robrucha.


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