Engine Overhaul Video Lycoming 0-320, by  Skyward Tech Inc.

Engine Overhaul Video
Lycoming 0-320

by Skyward Tech Inc.

Run Time:
25 min
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A detailed demonstration of the re-assembly procedure of an overhauled Lycoming 0-320 engine.

De-mystify the overhaul procedures on the Lycoming 0-320 engines. This video begins with a dismantled engine assuming all parts are either new or to factory tolerances. It presents a highly detailed step by step demonstration of the complete reassembly procedure from mounting the crankshaft, assembling the case, installing the camshaft, cylinders, pistons, valve train, accessory case, and all sub assemblies. Whether you are an A&P powerplant student, a homebuilder, or a seasoned pro wanting a refresher look, this video, produced by a division of Mattituck engines will show not just the procedure, but dozens of hints and tips by the most esteemed overhauler in the business.

Some of the items covered include:
mounting crankshaft on a column
installing silk thread gasket to case halves
installing bearing inserts and tappets
installing O-rings
installing and aligning front main bearing
seating crankshaft gear
assemble and install connecting rods
joining case halves
install main bearing
measuring clearance for oil slinger
install engine through bolts
installing idler shaft
positioning gears with timing marks
install tachometer drive shaft
install oil pump assembly
install fuel pump push rod
align and install accessory housing and gasket
install oil sump
install pre-pump oil screen
install oil filter adapter
install vernatherm valve
install vacuum pump adapter
install oil pressure relief valve
install dip stick housing
painting engine
install piston rings
install pistons and wrist pins
mount cylinders
install valve train including tappets, pushrod tubes, springs, valves, pushrods, rocker arms, bushings, rocker pins, and use of a go/no-go gauge
install drain tubes
install fuel pump
install starter gear
installing and timing magnetos,
install plugs, starter, and primer leads

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