Professional Pilot Logbook: by ASA holds over 10 years of data

Professional Pilot Logbook

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6.5" x 11.0"
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Jeppesen versus ASA Pro-Pilot Logbooks
In December 2011 we switched our standard stock Pro-Pilot log from Jeppesen's to ASA's. Even though many preferred the look of the Jeppesen cover and pages, far too many were falling apart at the binding and being returned. Quality is more important than looks, especially for a log book which is expected to last for years and years. Note that all data entry columns from the Jepp books are present in the ASA version. If you still prefer the Jeppesen version, we can get it for you within 3 days. Call 970 726-5111 or email to special order.

ASA's professional pilot logbook is formatted to comply with the standards for all international flyers. In addition to complying with FAA recordkeeping regulations, this logbook complies with ICAO, JAA, CAA, and CASA recordkeeping requirements pertaining to pilots -- including JAR-CFL 1.080.

The finest and most versatile logbooks for aviators. ASA's logbooks have been "The Standard" of the industry for over 30 years and comply with the FAA's recordkeeping requirements. With so many options, there is a logbook that's right for you. Versatile, easy-to-use and flexible enough to fit any pilot's needs, student or ATP.

Columns provide standardization, but are flexible enough to allow pilots to customize to fit their needs. Summary pages allow pilots to track experience, aircraft types, currency, medical dates, flight review, and more for quick reference.

Logbook page description and column layout:

  • Record of Certificates and Ratings
  • Flight Proficiency and Medical Certificate History
  • Flight Log
    • date
    • aircraft make and model
    • aircraft identification
    • route of flight
      • from
      • to
    • total duration of flight
    • aircraft category and class
      • single land
      • single sea
      • multi land
      • rotorcraft
      • glider
      • 3 blank columns
    • Landings
      • day
      • night
    • conditions of flight
      • night
      • actual instrument
      • simulated instrument
      • approach number
      • approach type
    • flight simulator
    • type of piloting time
      • cross country
      • solo
      • dual received
      • pilot in command
      • second in command
      • as flight instructor
    • remarks and endorsements
  • Yearly Summaries
    • pilot record by year
    • aircraft record by make and model
    • endorsements
    • flight review and proficiency checks
    • notes


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