Aircraft Builder's Logbook: logs work, expenses, & material sources per FAA requirement

Aircraft Builder's Logbook

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6.5" x 11.0"
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The Standard Aircraft Builders Log

  • Documents a builder's work record per FAA requirements
  • Provides a personal record of a builder's accomplishment
  • Provides an expense record from start to finish
  • Provides documentation of a builder's source of materials and components

The builder's log is spiral bound; sturdy oil resistant leatherette cover. It provides full documentation through the completion of an aircraft project including, work performed, time spent, cost of the project, and source of materials. Space is provided on each page for progress photos which will be requested by the FAA examiners or DARs at the time of the final inspection. Here is a convenient, organized, and "official" place for every builder to maintain all of his/her building records. No more loose notes. No more lost records. This unique logbook has a place in the shop of every aircraft homebuilder.

Each book provides space for logging up to 950 work days and up to 300 expense items.

From the Introduction:

The FAA requires that you keep records of the construction of your aircraft project. These records will be used to prove that you in fact have built your project and have performed at least 51% of the work involved. This log will serve as a daily diary of your activity and will be evaluated by the FAA or your DAR at the time of your final inspection.

Note that the FAA only considers which tasks you actually complete, not the time completing them; so the important thing to detail is what tasks you have accomplished.

Pictures are a plus, especially those showing you actually working on the project. While it's not required to photograph every step, progress photos taken every 4-5 work sessions will be appreciated by your inspector. Each page of this log includes space for pasting in such photos.

This log book provides 4 separate functions. One, it is a legal record of the building of your aircraft. Two, as a record for your own reference of the time spent working on your project. Three, as a financial record of the cost of your project; and four - as a documentation of the sources of materials and components used during the construction of your aircraft.

Log Sample Pages:

Log Book Sample

Log Book Sample


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aircraft builder's jogbook Dec 28, 2011 george james broom doncaster UK
  i was wondering how i would start - in on logging my progress...not knowing it was a legal requirement...great idea , this could also , afterward , help others , in as muchas showing them how i got over any really tricky parts..........big thumbs-up.. more...