Jeppesen A&P Test Guides Set of 3: General, Airframe & Powerplant

Jeppesen A&P Test Guides
Set of 3

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Notice: Jeppesen A&P Test Guides have not been revised since 2009 and thus do not entirely reflect the current FAA written, oral and practical tests. We recommend that you reconsider the updated 8083-ATB Test Guides or the ASA Test Guide sets.

A&P Technician Test Guide with Oral and Practical Study Guide - General, Airframe, Powerplant - These are the questions, answers, and explanations, that you will be asked on your FAA written exams, as taken from the FAA's actual question pool. Each written test will include a selection of these actual questions.

Once a student is comfortable with the material from the textbooks and/or classroom situations, these test guides are considered by many as the ideal method for preparing for the final FAA exams.

Items included in this kit:
airplane icon10002000-008A&P General Test Guide, Book, by Jeppesen$16.95
airplane icon10002002-006A&P Airframe Test Guide, Book, by Jeppesen$16.95
airplane icon10002001-006, JS312751A&P Powerplant Test Guide, Book, by Jeppesen$16.95
Sample question #8295 from the General Test Guide
Which tool is used to find the center of a shaft or other cylindrical work?
a - combination set
b - dial indicator
c - micrometer caliper
answer - "A"
explanation - a combination set consists of a steel scale, a stock head, a protractor head, and a centering head. The centering head is used to find the center of cylindrical pieces.

Sample question #8348 from the Airframe Test Guide
Extension of an Oleo shock strut is measured to determine the:
a - physical condition of the strut
b - amount of oil in the strut
c - proper operating position of the strut
answer - "C"
explanation - On some shock struts the correct amount of inflation is determined by measuring the amount of extension between the two given points of the strut

Sample question #8025 from the Powerplant Test Guide
Some Cylinder barrels are hardened by:
a - nitriding
b - shot peening
c - tempering
answer - "A"
explanation - The cylinder barrel of a reciprocating engine is made of a steel alloy forged with its inner surface and hardened to reduce wear. On hardening method used is nitriding. In this process the cylinder is heated and exposed to ammonia and cyanide gas. Nitrogen from the gas is absorbed by the steel causing hardening of the surface. "B" and "C" are incorrect because shot peening and tempering are methods used for stree relief, not hardening


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