Jeppesen A&P General Kit: featuring Jeppesen  textbooks and test guides

Jeppesen A&P General Kit


This A&P General kit includes core Jeppesen A&P textbooks and test guides for Part 147 General training as in Jeppesen's kit number 10011868 but with the following upgraded items.

* revised AC43.13 1B/2B corrects many pagination and figure numbering errors from the original FAA document.
* similar style but heavier duty Proflite flight bag.
* adds current year Maintenance Library CD including 12 additional A&P training manuals for your PC, Mac, laptop, or portable device.

Please note: If you are a student training at a flight school, we recommend asking your instructor for a suggested book list or kit recommendation prior to ordering.

Wanna pay less?
In some cases, comparable yet cheaper items may be substituted for items in this standard kit. Or, if there is something in this standard kit you dont need, tell us. Well take it out and lower the price. We specialize in custom kits. Call or write and have it your way!
To Flight Schools and Aviation Colleges: Custom training kits designed for your curriculum and your teaching style are available at wholesale prices which are often less than standard publisher's. Please call 970 726-5111 and let us design one for you.

Items included in this kit:
airplane icon10002467-005Jeppesen A&P General Textbook, Book, by Jeppesen$65.95
airplane icon10002000-008A&P General Test Guide, Book, by Jeppesen$16.95
airplane iconAC 43.13-1B, AC 43.13-2BAC 43.13 1B/2B Acceptable Methods, Book, by Aircraft Technical Book Co.$24.95
airplane icon10001382-022Jeppesen FAR/AMTnot for sale individually


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