Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants Textbook, by Charles E. Otis

Aircraft Gas Turbine
Powerplants Textbook

by Charles E. Otis & Peter A. Vosbury

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A most comprehensive textbook on modern gas turbine engines for the A&P or B-1 student who wants a focus on turbine powerplants. Exceeding both FAA and EASA B1 standards

As of June 1, 2017 Aircraft Technical Book Company has become the publisher and distributor of this textbook and workbook formerly from Jeppesen.

With over 500 illustrations, charts, and tables, this book provides an extensive cross-reference between today's aircraft and engines. It includes the most up-to-date information on aircraft gas turbine powerplants and updated coverage of jet engine technology.

Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants Textbook & Workbook is the most up-to-date, in-depth, and complete book available on the design, theory, maintenance, and operation of aircraft gas turbine engines. It thoroughly explains each system of both large and turbine powerplants showing you design, function, operation, inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures. Over 500 illustrations and an extensive cross reference between today's aircraft and engines. It's companion Workbook, designed for self study, gives questions, answers, and explanatory explanations and is a worthwhile aid to understanding each section of the text.

To Instructors: The authors of the book, Embry Riddle Professors Charles Otis and Peter Vosbury, are willing to provide support to any program that adopts the book for their aircraft turbine course. The support will include access to the Powerpoint presentations that Professor Vosbury uses for his course, and access to some videos. Professor Vosbury is also available by phone or email to answer questions. Please contact us for this contact information.

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1] History of Turbine Development

2] Jet Propulsion Theory

3] Turbine Engine Design & Construction
entrance ducts, accessory section, compressor section, diffuser section, combustion section, turbine section, exhaust section, thrust reversers, noise suppression, ventilation and cooling, engine mounts, bearings, materials, engine stations, references

4] Engine Familiarization
Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan, Allison-250 turboshaft, Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turboprop, GE CFM56 turbofan

5] Inspection & Maintenance
line maintenance, heavy shop maintenance, cold and hot section inspection and repair, main bearings and seals, modular maintenance, torque wrench use, locking methods, test cells, TBO and service life, ground and flight data, technical data ID system

6] Lubrication Systems
principles and requirements, oil sampling, synthetic lubrication, servicing, dry sump systems, full flow systems, relief valve systems, hot tank vs. cold tank, troubleshooting

7] Fuel Systems
principles, controls, water injection, power ratings, components and accessories, several detailed examples

8] Compressor Anti-Stall Systems
variable angle vane system, variable angle inlet guides, troubleshooting, anti-stall bleed systems, troubleshooting

9] Anti-Icing Systems
operation, regulator valve, controls

10] Starter Systems
electric starters, starter generators, pneumatic starter, other systems

11] Ignition Systems
main ignition, special handling, joule ratings, igniter plug type, CFM56 complete system, troubleshooting

12] Engine Instrument Systems
EGT indicators, RPM indicators, pressure ratio system, torque indicating systems, fuel flow indicating, oil system indicators, marking of instruments

13] Fire/Overheat Detection & Extinguishing Systems
single wire switch, dual wire switch, continuous loop system, pneumatic system, fire extinguishing, typical commercial airplane system

14] Engine Operation
safety precautions, engine run-up, turboprop engine run-up, PT6 operation, engine power ratings, typical operating cautions

Appendix 1 - Type certificate data sheet E1GL
Appendix 2 - Type certificate data sheet E23EA
Appendix 3 - Decimal equivalents, conversion factors
Appendix 4 - Gas turbine powered aircraft familiarization
Appendix 5 - Common hand signals
Appendix 6 - Local speed of sound (Cs) chart
Appendix 7 - US standard atmosphere
Appendix 8 - Useful Formulas
Appendix 9 - Pressure correction factors
Appendix 10 - Ground Vs. flight performance
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