Kitplanes Magazine Issue December 2015, by Phil Dixon

Kitplanes Magazine Issue
December 2015

by Phil Dixon & Sherwood Harris

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  • Annual Buyer’s Guide
    • 17 2016 Homebuilt Aircraft Directory: • Kit and plansbuilt aircraft listings. Compiled by Omar Filipovic. • Different strokes for different folks. By Paul Dye. • What makes a kit complete? By Paul Dye. • Shopping for a second-hand project. By Omar Filipovic. • Buying your first homebuilt aircraft. By Louise Hose.
  • Builder Spotlight
    • 6 Learning How to Drag Your Tail: Making the transition from trigear to tailwheels. By LeRoy Cook.
    • 12 Light Aircraft Fuel System Design: Part 1—If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! By Ken Krueger.
    • 26 One Week Wonder: They Did It! Over 2,500 people help build a Zenith CH 750 Cruzer in just seven days. By David Gustafson.
    • 52 Pole to Pole! Around the world over both poles (part 2). By Bill Harrelson.
    • 60 Vortex Generators For Cooling: A simple fix reduced CHTs in a Velocity by 55 degrees. By David G. Ullman.
    • 66 Engine Theory: Fuel injection—putting pressure into fuel delivery. By Tom Wilson.
    • 97 Ask the DAR: RV-7A converted to RV-7, importing a Canadian ultralight to the U.S. and registering as an LSA. By Mel Asberry.
  • Shop Talk
    • 72 Aircraft Wiring: Electrical trim and flaps for Experimental aircraft. By Marc Ausman.
    • 82 Home Shop Machinist: Basic mold making. By Bob Hadley.
    • 98 Aero ’Lectrics: A blast from the past. By Jim Weir.
    • Designer's Notebook
      • 86 Stressing Structure: Tubes, struts, and column buckling. By David Paule.
      • 101 Wind Tunnel: Offset hinge lines. By Barnaby Wainfan.
        • Exploring
          • 2 Editor’s Log: Are you crazy? By Paul Dye.
          • 76 Risky Business : Amateurs and Experimental aircraft. By Sid Mayeux.
          • 80 Checkpoints: Skills transference, part 2. By Vic Syracuse.
          • Kit Bits
            • 4 Letters
            • 91 List of Advertisers
            • 92 Builders’ Marketplace
            • 104 Kit Stuff: Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.


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