2007 KITPLANES Magazine: all 12 issues on CD


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Kitplanes Magazine's complete collection from January through December 2007. Twelve complete issues on one great CD!

CD Formatted in searchable .pdf files for viewing in Adobe Reader 7 or higher. Free installation of Adobe Reader 7 included. Reproduced with permission.


  • January 2007:
    • 2007 Plans Built Directory; Rans S-12 Airaile Jabiru Engines; solar power; Little Wing AutoGyro; Reno Sport class results
  • February 2007:
    • 2007 Rotorcraft Directory; Jabiru Engine; Today's Piper Cub; Painting Preparation; History of the LSA; Headset Buyers Guide
  • March 2007:
    • Kitfox Super Sport; An Amphibious Biplane; 2007 Engine directory; Aftermarket Engines; HKS 4 Stroke; Understanding Advers Yaw
  • April 2007:
    • The Raven 500; Proper Baffle Design; Test Your Airspeed Indicator; An At Home Machine Shop; The AeroVee VW Conversion
  • May 2007:
    • Float Flying; The SeaRey Amphibian; Working With Composites - part 1; John Corby's Starlett; The Common Oil Filter; Choosing an EFIS
  • June 2007:
    • The Thorp T-18; The Zenith Zodiac; Working With Composites - part2; Backup Instruments; Inspecting Your Oil Filter; Executing a Go-Around
  • July 2007:
    • The Mustang Aircraft Kit; Monnet's Y Tail; Building The Zodiac - part 2; The Electronic CFI; Working With Composites - part 3
  • August 2007:
    • The Cozy Mark IV; The Zociac - part 3; Working With Composites - part 4; Communications and Backup Navigation; The Toxo Speedster
  • September 2007:
    • Lancair's Next Turboprop; WagAir Supersport; Working With Composites - part 5; Value of a Constant Speed Prop; Exhaust Systems
  • October 2007:
    • Vans RV-8; Human Side of Aircraft Handling; Working With Composites - part 6; IFR GPS Navigation; One of a Kind Restoration Project
  • November 2007:
    • Continental 550 Powered Velocity; TheRV-12 LSA; Polishing Your Airplane; Build Your Own Pull-Tester; Working With Composites - part 7; Threading
  • December 2007:
  • 2008 Kit Aircraft Directory; Sport Aviation's Corsario; Building a Vaccuum Pump; Pilot Induced Oscillation; Fine Tuning a Lathe


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