Zenith CH601XL / CH650 Horizontal Tail: a step-by-step video demonstration

Zenith CH601XL / CH650
Horizontal Tail

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148 min
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A step-by-step video guide for builders of the popular Zenith CH601XL and CH650 aircraft kits, this one demonstrating the procedure for constructing the Horizontal Stabilizer.

This DVD is a double disk volume in a series of videos developed to cover the entire build process for the CH601XL/CH650 kit. Horizontal Tail demonstrates the building of the stabilizer and elevator for this aircraft kit. The horizontal tail is an excellent place to start building your 601XL or CH650 aircraft. A step by step approach is taken with these video demonstrations on all aspects of building. First time builders will have little problem following the detailed procedures. More experienced builders can fast forward through the material as needed. These videos will save you TIME and MONEY during the building process as you will make fewer mistakes by watching someone else perform each task. Our goal is to help you finish your project sooner and also allows you to do a better job building by providing confidence in having another builder work by your side! You can follow up the building of the horizontal tail by starting next with the Fuselage Part 1 or Wings volumes.

A snippet of the video:

This video demonstration includes:

  • assemble and cleco the Horizontal tail skeleton
  • fabricating the various brackets
  • skinning the stabilizer
  • strapping the skin for drilling
  • installing the long hinge
  • fitting the fiberglass tips
  • preparing the elevator skin and ribs
  • elevator horn assembly
  • trim tab servo cutouts
  • installing and adjusting the trim tab servo
  • installing the trim tab hinge
  • mating the stabilizer and elevator
  • ...and more


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