GenFam Library CD: complete GenFam set licensed  for a school's student network

GenFam Library CD

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The complete GenFam series from AeroEd licensed for student use within your Part 147 or EASA school's student network.

This CD set includes the complete set of General Familiarization manuals in .pdf format intended to make available to A&P students via your school's intranet or network. Includes each of the following airframes with their commonly associated engines:

Boeing 737-300/400/500
Boeing 747-100/200/300
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 757
Boeing 767
Boeing 777
MD-80 series
CRJ 700/900

General Familiarization Manuals are study guides covering a general approach to each model aircraft. They are great tools for students preparing for interviews, pre-requisite training, and preparations for systems level classes which will benefit students, technicians, teachers, MRO training departments, and airlines alike.

Each manual covers an overview of the mechanical systems, including description and operation, controls and indications, component locations, and servicing. AeroEd manuals follow ATA 100 format and ATA 104 Level requirements.

In addition to the networkable library, we highly recommend making personal printed copies of each manual available to students on request. These are available from Aircraft Technical Book Company to schools and bookstores at wholesale prices and are fully returnable if unsold. Please call for details 800 780-4115.


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