Schweizer Helicopter Textbook & Pilot Exercise Manual

Schweizer Helicopter Textbook
& Pilot Exercise Manual

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Book Set of 2
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A bundle that includes the Schweizer Helicopter Manual and the Schweizer Helicopter Exercises Book.

Tailored to Schweizer's model 300B but applicable to any helicopter training program, this helicopter textbook covers the principles of flight, systems and performance, meteorology, navigation, physiology, maneuvers, and much more.

Includes both private and commercial pilot materials.

Items included in this kit:
airplane iconSchweizer Helicopter Textbooknot for sale individually
airplane iconSchweizer Helicopter Exercise Booknot for sale individually
Helicopter Textbook Table of Contents:
  • Principles of Flight
    • introduction to the helicopter
    • aerodynamic forces
    • forces in flight
  • Helicopter Systems and Instruments
    • flight control systems
    • reciprocating engine and related systems
    • fuel and electrical systems
    • power train systems
    • flight instruments
  • The Flight Environment
    • safety of flight
    • airports and heliports
    • airspace
  • Communications and Performance
    • radio communications
    • Radar and ATC services
    • predicting performance
    • weight and balance
  • Meteorology for Pilots
    • basic weather theory
    • weather patterns
    • weather hazards
  • Interpreting Weather Data
    • printed reports and forecasts
    • graphic weather products
    • sources of weather information
  • Basic Navigation
    • aeronautical charts
    • flight computers
    • pilotage and dead reckoning
    • sources of flight information
  • Radio Navigation
    • VHF omnidirectional range (VOR)
    • automatic direction finding
    • advanced navigation
  • Aviation Physiology
    • vision in flight
    • spacial disorientation
    • respiration and altitude
    • alcohol and drugs
  • Flight Planning and Decision Making
    • planning and organizing flights
    • factors affecting decision making
    • cockpit resource management
  • Ground Operations
    • preflight check and engine starting
    • shutdown and tiedown
    • safety considerations
  • Primary Maneuvers
    • straight and level flight
    • climbs, descents, and turns
    • departures and approaches
  • Hovering Operations
    • vertical takeoff to a hover
    • hovering flight
    • vertical landing from a hover
  • Emergency Procedures
    • autorotation
    • emergency situations
    • systems and equipment malfunctions
  • Advanced Maneuvers
    • maximum performance takeoff and climb
    • high altitude operations
    • rapid deceleration and slope operation
    • night operations
  • Special Operations
    • confined area and pinnacle operations
    • float operations
  • Glossary
  • Abbreviations
  • Index


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