Instrument Pilot's Handbook, by Rod Machado

Instrument Pilot's Handbook

by Rod Machado

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Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook is a teaching tour de force that takes pilots through the complex world of instrument flying.

Welcome to your instrument instructor in a book. Written by a veteran ground and flight instructor, this book is presented in a warm, conversational manner and spiced with humor. With a third of a century of teaching experience, Rod Machado's tried and true methods of instruction have achieved exceptional results with students around the world. Rod has the unique ability to simplify the difficult, and his humor helps you remember the lesson.

The Instrument Pilots Handbook allows you to learn everything you need for:
The FAA instrument knowledge exam
Your instrument proficiency check
Updating and refreshing your knowledge

This valuable one-stop handbook contains the information necessary to:

Fly instruments as a knowledgeable and competent pilot.
Prepare for the FAA instrument pilot knowledge exam.
Prepare for the instrument pilot practical oral exam.
Refresh for your instrument proficiency check.
Remain an up-to-date confident instrument pilot.

As a comprehensive information source book, these pages include:

1. Simplification of the FAA’s instrument scan concepts/procedures
and a cockpit-practical, step-by-step instrument scan technique.
2. The latest information on aviation decision making for instrument pilots.
3. Detailed understanding of analog and glass (PFD) flight instruments.
4. Step-by-step procedures for planning an IFR cross-country flight.
5. Easy to apply navigation methods for VOR, GPS and ADF.
6. Clear, down-to-earth explanations of pertinent FARs, including
instrument currency, lost comm, alternate requirements, etc.
7. Step-by-step explanation of how instrument approach charts
are constructed, including MDAs, DAs, procedure turns, etc.
8. Practical understanding of the IFR system, GPS procedures,
icing and thunderstorm avoidance, NEXRAD, radar, and more.

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  • Starting your Instrument Rating
  • Your Flight Instruments - behind the panel
  • A plan for the Scan
  • Humans - The Plane Brain
  • Electronic Navigation
  • Holding Patterns
  • How the IFR System Works
  • The FARs Rule
  • IFR Aviation Weather Theory
  • IFR Weather Charts
  • Understanding Approach Charts
  • Approach Chart Analysis
  • GPS Approach Charts
  • Instrument Departures
  • IFR Enroute Charts
  • IFR Flight Planning
  • IFR Pilot Potpourri


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Rod's books are the best. Sep 19, 2011 Bill Fosina Gladstone N US
  “…the pages I have read on approach charts and holding are worth the price of the book. I believe Rod’s books are the best.” more...
It's a manna from heaven. Sep 19, 2011 John Plueger, CFI–AISMEL AT US
  To the IFR world, Machado's Handbook is manna from heaven. Other sources don't explain how things relate to real world flying. Machado's book does this exceptionally well. The illustrations, pictures, levity, text, and content are great! The BREADTH of the subject matter covered is tremendous. It covers exactly what IFR pilots need today. more...
Rod's IFR handbook is wonderful. Sep 19, 2011 Marc Lame, Charlevoix Mi US
  “Rod’s IFR Handbook is wonderful. His style makes very dry and often boring topics very interesting. It’s almost like reading a novel.” more...
You should buy this book. Sep 19, 2011 Captain John Dill - FedEx Express US
  “If you are truly serious about instrument flying, you should buy this book. If you are not serious, you should not be flying on instruments.” more...