Handling In-Flight  Emergencies, by Jerry A. Eichenberger

Handling In-Flight Emergencies

by Jerry A. Eichenberger

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Real life case studies.
Prevention, management, & recovery techniques.
Most common in-air emergencies faced by pilots.

Handling In-Flight Emergencies answers the question what to do if? A step by step "how to" book for handling various in-flight emergencies, ranging from elevator failure, in-flight fire, pilot illness, accidental entry into IFR conditions, how to make an emergency water landing, etc., etc.

With luck, you'll never need this book. Without luck the skills and fundamentals presented here could save your day. And if not for anything else, reviewing these skills will give you a far greater awareness of how your plane works and what systems back can be used to back each other up, thus giving you far more confidence to enjoy flights and expand your personal envelope of flying comfort.

From the Introduction

A theme that runs through this book is that if emergency procedures are truly learned, and then practiced, they cease to be emergencies and simply become additional procedures. This is the goal of most of the better training facilities that teach pilots of airliners and corporate jets. When the light plane pilot is trained to the same standard, the risks associated with aviation shrink tremendously.

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  • Engine Failure
    • fuel management; engine failure
  • VFR Pilot in IFR Conditions
    • emergency instrument currency; spatial disorientation; staying level; turning; climbing; descents
  • Electrical System Failure
    • electrical components; alternator failure; shedding load
  • Getting Found
    • without radios; with radios; the DF steer; using GPS
  • Control System Emergencies
    • ailerons; rudder failure; elevator; trim failure; wing flaps; landing gear failure; engine control failure; mixture control failure; propeller problems; broken propeller blades
  • Water Landing
    • overwater survival equipment; ditching
  • Icing
    • engine problems; warning signs; carburetor heat; intake icing; airframe icing; dealing with ice; frost ice on the ground
  • Thunderstorm Encounters
    • hail; rain; wind; thunderstorm encounter; wind shear near thunderstorms
  • Loss of Communication
    • communication loss in VFR; VFR arrivals without communications; communication loss under IFR; use of transponder; keep trying
  • Partial Panel Flying
    • recognizing the problem; failure of pressure instruments; failure of gyro instruments
  • Other Happenings
    • blowing a tire; brake failure; marginal VFR; stalls and spins; pilot illness; strong surface winds; strong winds aloft; in-flight fires; pilot's emergency authority; keep flying


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