H-8083 ATB Image Banks: now in on-line formatfree to schools who use 8083-ATB Handbooks

H-8083 ATB Image Banks

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FREE for Schools who use ATB 8083 Textbooks.

This 3 section image bank covers all photos, drawings, and charts in all 4 volumes of the FAA/ATB 8083-ATB series Handbooks.

Note to schools using the direct FAA download or 8083 paper books from other publishers; please note that not all images will exactly match as the images in this bank include the error corrections which make up these ATB editions.

ATB image banks are now offered in an on-line format. No longer on CD.

Image banks are available for FREE to all schools who regularly use ATB Textbook. If this is you, please order by phone or email. For others the listed cost applies.

This high quality complete image bank in .jpg format is designed for A&P instructors to easily locate and insert graphics from the 8083-ATB General (new edition), Airframe, and Powerplant Handbooks into their classroom presentations, handouts, quizzes, and other needs.

Images are organized by volume and by page number in that volume. Thumbnails are included for easy identification. The caption from that image is included in the graphic.

For example, to locate the drawing demonstrating wire stripping from the Powerplant Handbook, click Powerplant and then select its page on 4-59. The drawing by itself can then be extracted for projection or other use.


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