H-8083 A&P Handbook Image Bank CD: free to schools who use Handbooks

H-8083 A&P Handbook
Image Bank CD

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Single disk image bank covers all photos, drawings, and charts in all 4 volumes of the FAA 8083 series Handbooks including:
H-8083-30-ATB General Handbook
H-8083-31 Airframe Handbook volumes 1 & 2
H-8083-32 Powerplant Handbook

This complete image bank on CD in .jpg format is designed for A&P instructors to easily locate and project graphics from the 8083 General, Airframe, and Powerplant Handbooks in the classroom environment in order to create an enhanced multimedia presentation.

Images are organized first by volume and then by page number in that volume. To locate the drawing demonstrating wire stripping from the Powerplant Handbook, click Powerplant and then select its page on 4-59. The drawing by itself can then be projected in the classroom, transferred to your personal powerpoint presentation, or printed for student use.

The image bank CD also includes a complete answer key for the corresponding H-8083 Workbooks including the final chapter exam questions which, to protect the integrity of the tests, are left out of the book.

The image bank CD is available for Free to instructors who teach with the corresponding Handbooks from Aircraft Technical Book Company. If you are an instructor who teaches with these handbooks, please call 970 726-5111 to request your free Instructors CD.


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