Flying the Aeronca
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Flying the Aeronca, by Robert Livingston

Flying the Aeronca

by Robert Livingston

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Written in 1981 by the famous Robert Livingston, this book is a must for all Aeronca owners. With over 2000 hours of Aeronca flying time, Robert has learned that all Aeronca models have common traits. He takes you through every phase of flight of the Aeronca and makes the reader feel comfortable in knowing the Aeronca is the right tail-dragger for them. 54 pages, spiral-bound.

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Great Book for ANY Taildragger Feb 23, 2015 John M Surprise Ar US
  Light and to the point, this book, in my opinion, is far more valuable than some of the other taildragger books out there, and I have several. No lengthy rambling here, but instead an accurate description of the things that one experiences, explaining what is happening and then what to do in an easy to read format. Although the book is Aeronca specific in some ways, I would recommend it for... more...