Cat-A1 Study Set: complete study set for  Cat-A1 airplane/turbine

Cat-A1 Study Set

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Note to eBook customers: due to the size of this book, your eBook will come in two volumes. Immediately upon your order, you will receive links to Volume 1 which includes modules 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The links to volume 2 will be forwarded within 24 hours containing modules 10, 11A, 15, and 17A

Cat-A is a fast track EASA Part 66 approved aircraft maintenance training program and is often the favored route to employment in all countries who recognize the license.

A Cat-A program duration is 800 hours and is typically taught in 7-8 months. This compared to 2400 hours over 2 years for the higher B rating (1900 hours for FAA). This results in the fastest and least inexpensive path to a technical job in the aerospace industry. Cat-A license holders have limited privileges and often spend their time performing basic tasks, minor line maintenance, or assisting B rated technicians. However after 2 years of on-the-job experience, the Cat-A technician becomes qualified to test for and advance to a B level license with the higher pay and privileges it allows.

The Cat-A1 curricula consists of the same 12 modules as taught in the B level programs (except for module 4 electronics), however each is taught to an easier level. These Cat-A books are offered as a 2 volume set with each module contained as a complete chapter. All are written exactly aligned and to the specifications and levels required by EASA Part 66 Appendix A.

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Module 1 - Mathematics
Module 2 - Physics
Module 3 - Electrical Fundamentals
Module 5 - Digital Controls and Techniques
Module 6 - Materials and Hardware
Module 7 - Maintenance Practices
Module 8 - Aerodynamics
Module 9 - Human Factors
Module 10 - Aviation Legislation
Module 11 - Aeroplane Structures and Systems
Module 15 - Turbine Engines
Module 17 - Propellers and Systems

(other module numbers do not apply to this rating)


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