Aircraft Fiberglass 101, by Sam James

Aircraft Fiberglass 101

by Sam James

Run Time:
149 min
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This video shows aircraft builders how to make molds, fairings, and parts from fiberglass. It takes you step by step through the phases of glass work so that you can build parts yourself.

There is much nonstructural fiberglass work awaiting the builder or restorer of most light aircraft including cowlings, wheel pants, gear leg fairings, canopy fairings, tail fairing, etc... This video shows how to make the molds and forms to achieve professional looking results by a well known expert using parts of a Van's RV-4 kitplane aircraft as an example. While this video does not excel for production quality, the amount of good information presented still makes it our favorite for the subject and well worth the money.

A comparison of 3 available composite videos is:
Basic Composite Construction Techniques
Mostly a demonstration of the techniques to build a flat and an intersecting composite sandwich panel.

Fiberglass 101
Mostly a demonstration of the techniques to build and install non-structural shaped parts such as intersection fairings and wheel pants components.

Aircraft Composite Construction
Focus on the materials used in aircraft composite construction including foam, resin, cloth, fillers, etc.


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