Aircraft Fabric Covering, by Ron Alexander

Aircraft Fabric Covering

by Ron Alexander

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Run Time:
120 min
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Aircraft Fabric Covering is the most up to date and comprehensive demonstration available on aircraft fabric covering. This 2 hour video presents every aspect of the Poly-Fiber fabric covering process in detail and in easy to understand language. From preparing the airplane for covering to spraying the colors, you are guided step by step through the entire process by a professional aircraft fabric instructor.

When used in conjunction with the Poly-Fiber manual, this set removes the mystery surrounding the process of construction and restoration of fabric covered aircraft.

Information covered includes:
1] preparing surfaces
2] attaching the fabric
3] tightening the fabric with an ordinary household iron
4] applying the first coat of Poly-Brush
5] tying and rib lacing knots
6] applying finishing tapes
7] spraying Poly-Spray UV block
8] applying color coats


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