Zenith CH701  Rear Fuselage: step-by-step builder's demonstration

Zenith CH701
Rear Fuselage

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157 min
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A step-by-step video guide for builders of the popular Zenith CH701 aircraft kit.

This video is a single volume in a series of videos being developed to cover the entire build process for the CH701 kit. REAR FUSELAGE is a great starting place to begin your CH701 project there are no prerequisite assemblies that need to be completed before starting. To get started, you only need a set of plans and the fuselage sub kit from Zenith. The REAR FUSELAGE video takes you from the very beginning steps to completing the rear portion of the aircraft fuselage.

In this video:

  • each part is clearly identified and described
  • learn about critical measurements
  • learn how to lay out parts for trimming
  • see close-ups of how parts are to fit properly
  • learn important techniques for squaring up your work
  • check your progress against the instructor's
  • make tasks easy by watching first

A snippet of the video:


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