GATS Fuel Tester: allows tested fuel to be safely returned to the tank

GATS Fuel Tester

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This GATS Jar fuel tester allows you to put preflight fuel samples back into your airplane (a great alternative to tossing it onto the ground: a practice now discouraged by the EPA).

Sample and check your fuel as always. Then, as sampled fuel is returned to the tank, a unique, built-in screen separates solids and non-petroleum contaminants, so only clean, pure fuel is returned to the tank. Reversible sump actuator fits both pin and petcock actuators. Wide mouth collector helps protect hands and clothing. Resilient plastic construction makes the GATS Jar virtually indestructible with normal handling.

At $5.00 + per gallon, the GATS jar will pay for itself quickly. Plus, knowing that your not pouring your tested fuel on the tarmac will make you more inclined to test the full 4 ounces of fuel that the manufacturers recommend. Plus environmentally speaking; its just the right thing to do!


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