Corrosion Control for Aircraft: cause, recognition, treatment,  and prevention of corrosion

Corrosion Control for Aircraft

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Part 1: An excellent presentation of the causes, recognition, treatments, and prevention of corrosion on aircraft. The 8 basic types of corrosion are shown and discussed including uniform, pitting, galvanic, concentration cell, stress, exfoliation, filiform, fretting, and intergranular. Visual and non-destructive techniques of recognition are demonstrated, plus locations on an aircraft most prone to corrosion, methods of corrosion removal, and the basics of a corrosion prevention program. The film ends with a visual quiz identifying problem areas and why.

Part 2: The elements of a corrosion control maintenance program produced specifically for commuter airlines, but applicable to any fleet operator from corporate jets to light general aviation aircraft. Some subjects include evaluation aircraft for corrosion potential based on age and operating conditions, locating areas on an aircraft most susceptible to corrosion, levels and types of corrosion, creating regular inspection schedules, and short term intervention techniques between major overhaul periods.

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