Advanced Airmanship  Precision Flying, by Les Kumpula

Advanced Airmanship
Precision Flying

by Les Kumpula

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Includes downloadable videos and basic programs. See list below in Table of Contents.

Complete solutions for: pitch vs power dilemma, US Air Force vs FAA method conflicts, precision flight transitions, and accurate approach tracking. Included Flight Demonstration Simulator software shows the book's procedures and examples in action.

The concept behind Advanced Airmanship came early in Professor Les Kumpula's 30 year career at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. A former chief pilot for a major corporation told Prof. Kumpula that he only hired copilots who had a minimum of 500 hours of flight time, because by then their basic flying motor skills were mostly developed. This eye-opener, coupled with the observation that recent flying experience lessened in importance if the pilot was mentally involved in flying knowledge, was the genesis of the "substitution of knowledge for experience concept" in the development of flying skill. Historically, pilot proficiency beyond basic motor skills was gleaned from realizations during many years of experience from other crew members and instructors. Prof. Kumpula believes what took years to learn should be able to be taught at the beginning if common tasks were analyzed in detail. Advanced Airmanship Precision Flying details the results of the many years Professor Kumpula spent developing flight technique analysis.

Advanced Airmanship is aimed at new commercial pilots with high level career aspirations, flight instructors who desire a complete understanding of basic pilot skills, private pilots with a professional mindset and current airline, corporate and military pilots who want to know the "why's" of what they currently do. This book lays to rest the controversial issue of pitch versus power control and clears up the apparent differences between attitude instrument flying methodologies. Then, Prof. Kumpula details the secrets of precision flying that can make any pilot with established motor skills fly like a 30 year veteran.

Advanced Airmanship utilizes a combination of explanatory text, pictorial diagrams, and computer demonstrations to illustrate aerodynamic concepts and flight technique without resorting to mathematical equations. The book is designed to be small and compact, with the text and illustrations explaining the observations seen in the computerized demonstrations.

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The pitch versus power controversy

Istrument scanning techniques

Precision transitions to new flight paths and airspeeds

Instrument approach tracking and glide slope rules

Included Downloadable Programs:
1] Glide Slope Wind Effect Computer
2] Turn Data Computer
3] Track Data Computer
4] Flight Demonstration Simulator

Included videos:
1] Pitch Power comparison; region of normal command
2] Pitch Power comparison; region of neutral command
3] Pitch Power comparison; region of reverse command
4] Pitch comparisons for all command regions
5] Power comparisons for all command regions
6] Airspeed response for all Command regions
7] Airspeed response - fast vs. slow engines
8] Jet fighter aircraft carrier approach
9] Changing both flight path and airspeed - climb entry
10] Changing both flight path and airspeed - descent entry
11] Changing airspeed only - constant flight path
12] Changing flight path only - constant airspeed
13] Climb leveloff and acceleration
14] Descent leveloff and deceleration
15] High performance leveloffs
16] Pitch transitions


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I'm hooked! Sep 19, 2011 Levi Matusof
  I'm hooked! I will be ordering all of them! What I like about the physics is that itís minimal on theory, full of application, and certainly directed at pilots - particularly the ones who are always seeking to refine their skills. more...