Scratch Building Basics  for Homebuit Aircraft: building a metal plane from plans

Scratch Building Basics
for Homebuit Aircraft

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234 min

The purpose of Scratch Building Basics for Metal Aircraft video is to expose you to the world of building a metal plane from plans, demonstrated by one of the most considerate pair of builders you will find anywhere, Mark Townsend and David Barth (owners of Can-Zac Aviation Ltd the Canadian distributor for Zenith Aircraft Company).

Details of the fabrication process are explained and demonstrated - such as: how to translate blueprint plans to a form block drawing, cutting, sanding and finishing the form blocks using common tools; choice of form materials (plywood, MDF, particle board, hardwoods, etc); tools for cutting aluminum sheet, (power shears, hand shears, scoring knife), forming rib blanks around form blocks (how many hammers can be used!), fluting techniques for curved edges, cutting lightening holes, various methods for deburring and polishing, sheet metal bending using a home made brake, and much more. Both Mark and Dave spend equal amounts of time explaining these operations and expend just the right amount of humor to make this truly fun to watch.

A snippet of the video:

This 2 DVD video is divided into the following chapters for easy navigation:

-From Plans to Form Blocks
-Creating Cutting Blocks and Form Blocks
-Producing the Metal Rib Blanks
-Deburring and Polishing Techniques
-Forming Ribs
-Fabricating the Rudder Spar
-Fabricating the Rudder Horn
-Fabricating the Rudder Skins
-Creating a Full Size Wing Rib
-Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Mark and David take you through each step of the process required to create the components needed to build a Zenith rudder. A rudder was chosen because it contains nearly all of the components that are needed to complete the remaining parts of an airframe: ribs, spar, skin, control horns, etc. The presentation begins with just raw materials and common tools. By the conclusion of the 2 DVD set, you will have witnessed all of the internal rudder components completed and will now be at the point that kit builders start their rudder project - ready to assemble these components into a finished rudder. This next step of rudder assembly is detailed in the companion DVD video from HomebuiltHELP entitled Metalworking101.

Watching Scratch Building Basics for Metal Aircraft is an excellent way to determine if building a homebuilt aircraft from scratch is right for you... you will obtain a full understanding of the trials, tribulations, joys and successes that this type of building process entails. Many builders have attempted this journey without fully understanding the challenges - and waste time and money when things don't go as planned. This video presentation takes the mystery out of this journey! Whether you are just curious what goes on in garages around the world - or if you are serious about getting started building your own plane from scratch - you can't watch these guys at work and not learn something that might change the way you think about the process and people that build their own planes from scratch!


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