Intro to Aerospace Technology Kit: Your first step to entering the  cutting edge of our industry

Intro to Aerospace Technology Kit

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Introduction to Aerospace Technology - Begin your preparation for the best jobs with the best companies.

This kit was inspired by the 4000 employees of the SpaceX Corporation, who in December 2015 achieved the first successful return and soft landing of an orbital rocket booster, and to those people who never let anyone tell them what they can not do.

Today, aerospace technology equals math, physics, electricity, and electronics. This is the foundation of any career in the forefront of our industry. It is not optional. It is simply what you need for the best jobs with the best companies.

Written to the globally recognized EASA B2 (licensed avionics technician) and ICAO standards, this Introduction to Aerospace Technology kit is that first step and will provide the basic foundation of things to come.

eBook orders:
Upon placing your order, you will immediately receive the links for Module 1, Math. Within 24 hours, the remaining 4 volumes will be manually added to your download library. A further email will confirm this has been done. If you have troubles with the download process or using your eBooks, we are available for technical support Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 4:30 US mountain time by phone at 1-970-726-5111 or 7 days per week by email at


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