B1.1 Study Set: Complete set of 13 for B1.1 Airplane/Turbine certification

B1.1 Study Set

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This is the complete set of 13 modules required for the EASA Part 66 B1.1 Airplane/Turbine certification. Included in this set are the following:

Module 01 Mathematics
Module 02 - Physics
Module 03 - Electrical Fundamentals
Module 04 - Electronic Fundamentals
Module 05 - Digital Instrument Systems
Module 06 - Materials and Hardware
Module 07 - Maintenance Practices
Module 08 - Aerodynamics for AMTs
Module 09 - Human Factors
Module 10 - Aviation Legislation
Module 11A - Turbine Aircraft Structures and Systems
Module 15 - Gas Turbine Engines
Module 17 - Propeller Systems

Each module in this series has been approved by Civil Aviation Authorities around the world for Part 147 schools within those countries. Each is fully compliant, at the required B1.1 levels, and fully aligned with appendix 1 of Part 66.

Each module comes with a 2 year revision service. If the module revises during this period for regulatory or other reasons, a replacement eBook edition will be sent to all subscribers at no cost.

To students and current A&P mechanics: In general you will find the EASA curricula similar to, but at higher knowledge levels than A&P. This is especially true for modules 5 and 9 which are significantly more in depth and module 10 which will be completely new. For questions regarding this series or for a list of Part 147 schools in which B1.1 examinations can be taken based on this series, please write or call

To instructors and school administrators: If you are interested in exploring EASA Part 66 instruction or examinations in your facilities please email write Andy gold at agold@actechbooks.com or call 970 726-5111

eBook orders: Upon placing your order, you will immediately receive the links for Module 7, Maintenance Practices. Within 24 hours, the remaining 12 volumes will be manually added to your download library. A further email will confirm this has been done. If you have troubles with the download process or using your eBooks, we are available for technical support Monday - Friday from 8:00 - 4:30 US mountain time by phone at 1-970-726-5111 or 7 days per week by email at techsupport@actechbooks.com

eCard orders: (an option for bookstores or gifts) A complete set of 13 modules required for B1.1 Airplane/Turbine certification kit in eBook format. With this option, you will be shipped a pre-paid Card with instructions and a unique code to receive each title listed. This is a great option if are giving a set of eBooks or if you are a bookstore wanting a tangible item which you can resell from your store in the traditional way.


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