FAA A&P Airframe Kit: includes airframe textbooks with test guide and workbook

FAA A&P Airframe Kit

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note to eBook purchasers: Upon ordering this set in eBook format, you will immediately receive Volume 1 of the textbook. Your eBook files of Volume 2, the test guide, and workbook will be sent within 1 business day.

This set includes the FAA H-8083-ATB (peer reviewed and corrected) A&P Airframe textbooks with matching test guide and workbook as used by most FAA Part 147 A&P programs throughout the country.

These Airframe textbooks are the exact required FAA curricula from which all FAA test questions are taken. The matching test guide and workbook provide chapter by chapter support to help you learn and understand this required content.

Attention College Students:
Before ordering any kit, check with your instructor to be sure that these are the exact books required by your school.

Attention Instructors:
This kit may be modified in any way to suit your individual curriculum. Please call 970 726-5111.


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