2009 KITPLANES Magazines: all 12 issues on CD


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Kitplanes Magazine's complete collection from January thru December 2009. Twelve complete issues on one great CD.

CD Formatted in searchable .pdf files for viewing in Adobe Reader 7 or higher. Free installation of Adobe Reader included. Reproduced with permission.


  • January 2009
    • 2009 Plansbuilt Buyer's Guide, Wag-Aero Sport Trainer, Roll Your Own, Build Your Skills Fabric, Jabiru J250 Wings/Nosewheel, PVC in the CAFE
  • February 2009
    • 2009 Rotorcraft Buyer's Guide, Zenith Stol CH750, Alternative Engine Block, Fabric, Jabiru J250 engine, AOPA's Expo 2008, Garmin GPSMap 696
  • March 2009
    • 2009 Engine and PSRU Buyer's Guide, Viperjet Redux, Engine Monitoring, Fabric, Jabiru J250, Power Management, Loran and GPS Take Over
  • April 2009
    • Grinvalds Orion, Meet the Grizzly, Electric anti- icing, CNC cylinder-head port, money-saving tips, 6000th RV/Garmin Checklists, N numbers
  • May 2009
    • Auto-Engine Conversion, Electronic Flight Inst., One-Off Electronic Projects, Jabiru J250 Fire- Extinguisher System, LSAs, MGL Infinity Singles
  • June 2009
    • X-Air, Autopilots, Cable-Exit Fairings, Ideal Oil Temperature, Jabiru J250 Airflow mods/doors, Security, Fisher Flying's Kits, Garmin GMA 240
  • July 2009
    • Comp Air 9, Taylor Monoplane, Lawrence B. Sperry, Aircraft Batteries, EFIS designs, Baluns, Carbon Cub Kits, Clamp Pliers, Kitfox, 100LL Avgas
  • August 2009
    • Arion Lightning, BD-5 Micro, John Thorp, Fabric, Cutting the Metal, LEDs, Lateral Stability, Maintaining the Rotax engine
  • September 2009
    • Assessing Horsepower, Hummel, Louis Blerlot, Sportsman 2+2 in Africa, Van's RV-12, DIY Firewall Boots, Tubing, Retractable Gear, MGL's V10 radio
  • October 2009
    • Breezy, Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel, Texas Sport Cub, RV-12 Team, Static System Error, V-Block Drill Jig, Continental O-200, Engine Monitoring
  • November 2009
    • Team Tango Foxtrot 4, Electric Airplanes, Texas Sport Cub Systems, RV-12 Kit Fuselage, Jabiru J250 Paint, Op-amps, Strakes, Oshkosh, Industry Evolution
  • December 2009
    • 2010 Kit Aircraft Buyer's Guide, Bush Hog, Glastar Sportsman, Texas Sport Cub Fabric, Radio, Oshkosh Tour, Safari Helicopters, EFIS, V-8 Auto Conversion


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