Mastering Instrument Flying, by Sherwood Harris

Instrument Flying

by Sherwood Harris & Henry Sollman

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Every aviator can learn the FAA's practical instrument test standards and earn the IFR with this complete course in instrument flight, written by 2 experienced instructors with more than 80 years of flying between them.

Discover today's IFR skills and electronics. This third edition brings you up to speed with the electronics revolution and its impact on instrument flight training and information. Written for pilots and their instructors by renowned pilots and instructors, this ideal instructional manual for earning the IFR gives you: a building-block, 20-lesson plan approach to the IFR—proven successful by students, pilots, and instructors; comprehensive coverage of all aspects of instrument flying, from approaches and departures to effective communication with air traffic control; in-depth instruction on the newest GPS systems; a valuable guide to Internet sites and PC resources; indispensable evaluations of computerized flight simulators. Perfect for pilots seeking IFRs, flight instructors developing lesson plans, and IFR pilots wanting to refresh their skills, Mastering Instrument Flight, Third Edition looks at the entire IFR learning spectrum, from psychology to test day and beyond. It all ads up to a must-have IFR kit that no other resource can match.

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  • The Psychology of Instrument Flight
  • Mastery of Instrument Flight in 20 Lessons
  • Preparing for an Instrument Flight
  • Weather/Whether to Fly? How to Get a Good Weather Briefing
  • Airplane, Instrument, and Equipment Checks
  • Clearances and Communications
  • Basic Instruments
  • Turns, Climbs, and Descents
  • VOR Procedures
  • Holding Patterns
  • Stalls, Unusual Attitudes, and Partial Panel
  • The NDB Unmasked
  • Approaches I: Approach Basics and NDB Approaches
  • Approaches II: VOR, DME, and GPS
  • Approaches III: ILS, Localizer, and Radar
  • Putting It All Together: The Long IFR Cross-Country
  • Getting the Most Out of the Instrument Written Exam
  • Stress Can Spoil Your Whole Day
  • How I Conduct an Instrument Flight Test
  • Moving On—and Up
  • Instrument Rating Syllabus
  • Appendices: A: The Instrument Pilot's Professional Library
  • B: FAR Excerpts
  • C: Glossary


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