Illustrated Buyers Guide to Used Airplanes, by Bill Clark

Illustrated Buyers Guide
to Used Airplanes

by Bill Clark

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The best way for private pilots with limited means to obtain the plane of their dreams is to purchase a used one -- and there's no better way to buy one without getting burned than this heavily illustrated guide. Focusing on airplanes priced at $100,000 or less, the author walks readers through the entire process of purchasing a used plane: prospecting the market, determining a plane's true value, closing the deal, partnership, and much more.

From the Back Cover

With a focus on planes under $100,000 -- some as low as $20,000 -- pilot Bill Clarke's classic guide -- now fully revised and updated -- is a bigger bargain than ever. A book that can save you thousands of dollars, The Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Used Airplanes provides a photo-filled model-by-model look at the top used aircraft in today's market, as well as many hard-to-find models -- complete with prices, accident ratings, performance specifications, and airworthiness directives.

The most comprehensive, authoritative, and popular book on buying used planes available, this guide helps you with every step, from prospecting the market and sizing up planes to doing the deal and post-purchase priorities. The much-respected Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Used Airplanes is the source that thousands of pilots turn to when the time comes to buy a plane. It's the only guide to airplane purchasing you'll ever need.

Step-by-step to Plane Ownership

  • Current prices and profiles, with photos, of more than 100 of the market's top used personal aircraft
  • Evaluation and inspection of used airplanes
  • Tested pricing formula for near-exact calculation of a plane's value
  • Step-by-step negotiation to the best possible price
  • Newly ranked models, updated airworthiness directives, and new regulations
  • New chapter on light-sport aircraft
  • Partnership options
  • Personal needs assessment for pilots
  • Deciphering classified ads

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  • The Art of Buying and Owning an Airplane
    • the general aviation market
    • to own or not to own
    • determining airplane values
    • before you purchase
    • as you purchase
    • after you purchase
  • The Used Airplane Fleet
    • Two Place Airplanes
      • aeronca, aviat, beechcraft, cessna, commonwealth, diamond ercoupe, gulfstream, luscombe, piper, pitts, swift, taylorcraft, varga
    • Four Place Easy Fliers
      • aero commander, aeronca, beechcraft, cessna, gulfstream, luscombe, maule, piper, socata, stinson
    • Complex Airplanes
      • beechcraft, bellanca, cessna, commander, lake, meyers, mooney, navion, piper, republic, socata
    • Heavy Haulers
      • cessna, helio, maule, piper
    • Affordable Twins
      • aerocommander, beechcraft, cessna, gulfstream, piper
  • Alternative Airplanes, the Rumor Mill and AD Facts
    • Alternative Aircraft
      • floatplanes, homebuilts, gliders, powered gliders, warbirds
    • Hangar Flying Used Airplanes
    • Airworthiness directives
    • Conversions and Modifications
  • Appendixes
    • NTSB Accident Ranking of small Airplanes
    • Government Aviation Offices
    • State Aviation Agencies
    • Resources for the Small Airplane Owner
    • Advisory Circulars
    • Used Airplane Prices
    • Makes and Models in the FAA Registry


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This is a general guide to buying Aug 31, 2011 John Matlock Winnemucca NV US
  I picked up this book thinking that it would be a price guide. It isn't. To be sure, it has a small section giving a range of prices for various aircraft. The main part of the book is a guide to the purchase of used airplanes. It's oriented to the smaller types that the individual owner would be likely to find interesting and available. About a third of the book is on general subjects like do... more...

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