FAA-H-8083-31A-ATB  Airframe Volume 1 and 2: ATB editions; reviewed and corrected

Airframe Volume 1 and 2

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Get both Airframe Textbook volumes at a discounted price for the complete FAA Part 147 Airframe curricula.

note: The eBook edition is a single combined file allowing easier usage and full search capabilities between both volumes. It is also a large file (160 Mb) and may with possible long download times on slower systems.

The FAA-H-8083 series is the newest and most up-to-date, A&P textbooks available anywhere. They are also the official FAA part 147 curricula and the actual source of all FAA knowledge and practical exam questions.

Besides that; FAA, working together with dozens of A&P instructors from Part 147 schools throughout the country just did a darn fine job in writing them. They are clearly written and full of exceptional charts, photos, and graphics to illustrate and explain every point. Then, each was extensively reviewed by instructors from over 50 schools. (ACtech books led that peer review for FAA)to insure completeness, accuracy, and understandability.

...And, they cost less than any competing A&P manuals.

In short, if you are an A&P student just beginning your classes; an experienced technician wanting a current refresher; a pilot wanting to learn the mechanics of your aircraft; or an aircraft homebuilder wanting the best knowledge to complete your project, there is no competition. These are them!

eBook users; note that these AC Tech files are much improved over the original. They are smaller for quicker download and easier usage, extensively pre-bookmarked, the Powerplant textbooks is combined into a single volume and so searchable throughout.

For A&P instructors: Classroom support is available for this series including image banks, test guides, and student workbooks with take home assignments and corresponding chapter exams.

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Chapters in Volume 1:
1] Aircraft Structures
2] Aerodynamics, Aircraft Assembly, and 3] Rigging
4] Aircraft Fabric Covering
5] Aircraft Metal Structural Repair
6] Aircraft Welding
7] Aircraft Wood
8] Composite Materials
9] Aircraft Painting and Finishing
10] Aircraft Electrical System

Chapters in Volume 2:
1] Aircraft Instruments
2] Communication and Navigation
3] Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
4] Aircraft Landing Gear Systems
5] Aircraft Fuel System
6] Ice and Rain Protection
7] Cabin Environmental Systems
8] Fire Protection Systems


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