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AMT Magazine is a leading publication used by A&P mechanics and technicians to keep up with trends and new concepts regarding aircraft service and maintenance.

Best of AMT Magazine This 3 part compilation is a reproduction of over 200 key articles which have previously appeared in AMT Magazine in the categories of Airframe and Accessories, Powerplants, and Legal and Professional topics. Each is fully illustrated, clear, concise, and remains extremely relevant to the profession of aviation maintenance.

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Airframe & Accessories
composite machining
interior refurbishing
corrosion detection methods
window care and repair
pitot/static testing
engine driven fuel pumps
hydraulic maintenance
air conditioning
keeping corrosion at bay
hydraulic systems
taking command of composites
pneumatic system maintenance
not your father's fabric
lead acid battery service tips
handling flexible hose
fire detection/extinguishing
magnetic particle inspection
electrical measurement errors
fuel quantity indicating systems
non-destructive testing
the art of welding
auto pilots
deicer systems
don't fuel with it
electrical troubleshooting
the pressurized window
sheet metal repairs
oxygen systems
avionics replacement
troubleshooting the alternator
battery care
certified vs. qualified welders
starter generator overhaul
phosphate hydraulic fluids
hydromatic prop governors
tire care and maintenance
ignition exciters
lubricants as tools
the composite propeller
Bendix fuel control system
carbon brake repair
DC generators
ultrasonic testing
safety wiring basics
eddy current basics
precision bearing inspection
the neglected ELT
NiCad battery inspection
engine synchronization
braking tradition
engine oil
cooler tips
the combustion heater
the Precision Airmotive
fuel system
starter generators
wheel and brake servicing
aging props
starter systems
vacuum pumps

Table of Contents
Recipricating Engines
magneto maintenance
lubrication basics
ring leakage vs. oil color
removing cylinders
harsh environment props
Continental fuel injectors
the troubleshooting process
cold weather operations
engine overhaul options
Slick magneto inspection
The engine doctors
turbocharger problems
fuel injection basics
prop strikes
options for cylinder break-in
auto fuel
RSA fuel injection
radial engines still popular
oil starvation
inspecting cylinders at installation
the prop killer
compression testing
the scientific approach
prop governor basics
carburetor maintenance tips
hard knocks for camshafts
hydraulic lifters
top end detective
the geared engine
trouble shooting the fuel system
get the lead out
crankcase welding
turbo squawks
4 troublesome problems
stacking the odds
overhaul options for cylinders
spectrometric oil analysis
Turbine Engines
APS 2000 auxiliary power unit
PT6T gearbox overhauls
vibration monitoring
TFE731 control system troubleshooting
thrust reverser maintenance
Lycoming LT-101 maintenance
GE CF700 inspection tips
trend monitoring
Northwest Airlines JT8D maintenance
vibration analysis
PW100 hot section inspection
rigging the Allison 250-B17
ALF 502 major inspection
GTCP 36-150 hot section inspection
dealing with fan damage
hot tips - Sundstrand T62T APU
compressor washing
hot section tips - GE CJ610
rigging tips for the PT6
Garrett TFE731 major inspection
LTS101 low power troubleshooting
jet lube
Allison 250 C20/B
inspecting ignition leads
TPE331 gearbox inspection
too hot to handle
JT15D hot section inspection
TFE731 engine control system
fuel nozzle maintenance
Allison 250 compressor maintenance
today's turbine hot section
Gentlemen - start your engines
rigging the TPE331
PT6 hot sections for the 90s
the eyes of the boroscope
turbine ignition fault isolation
automated trend monitoring

Legal & Professional Issues
Table of Contents
blue water
staying on top
more ups than downs
electric power tools
training never stoops
quality control
airline maintenance scheduling
sofware does more
out of work
the perils of electric tools
AD research
finding hard to find parts
MedAire survey on harzardous materials
computer applications
Staying Legal
OSHA police
military surplus parts
FAR Part 121 rules
retesting nightmare
federal faux pas
director of Maintenance
new tools for civil penalities
where there's smoke there's poison gas
hard times
owner performed maintenance
lien lessons
supplemental type certificates
drug testing
technicians toxic tips
product liability
FAA Feedback
NRE policy got IA renewal
checklists for parts
who needs an MEL?
going part 145
forgotten heros
comrade customer
form 8130-3
user fees for IA's
changing the rules
questions for a bureaucrat
ferry permits
FAA Maintenance Awards
are you prepared for FAA?
human lives
you want a field approval?
FAR compliance
one service bulletin too soon
annual sign off

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