Basic Composite Construction Techniques, by Ron Nichols

Basic Composite
Construction Techniques

by Ron Nichols

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66 min
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Basic Composite Construction Techniques is a demonstration of basic fiberglass techniques as applicable for aircraft. Discussions on materials include uni- and bi-directional cloth, resins, flox, micro balloons, foam, core materials, peel ply, etc. Tool use covers brushes squeegees, knives, scales, pumps, hot wire tools, etc. Techniques demonstrated include basic sandwich techniques, corners, edges, and joints, hot wiring, etc. Also included is a basic discussion of setting up your layups to conform to various load bearing areas.

A comparison of 3 available composite videos is:
Basic Composite Construction Techniques (this one)
Mostly a demonstration of the techniques to build a flat and an intersecting composite sandwich panel.

Fiberglass 101
Mostly a demonstration of the techniques to build and install non-structural shaped parts such as intersection fairings and wheel pants components.

Aircraft Composite Construction
Focus on the materials used in aircraft composite construction including foam, resin, cloth, fillers, etc.

Note that while the production quality of this video is less than ideal, the vast amount information and experience shared by its author will not disappoint.

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