Aircraft Fluid Power Systems, by Bill L. Tucker

Aircraft Fluid Power Systems

by Bill L. Tucker

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Aircraft Fluid Power Systems takes a comprehensive look at hydraulic and pneumatic systems on today's aircraft. Its seventeen chapters cover the basics, fluid lines and fittings, hydraulic system components, valves, tires, tubes, and wheels, aircraft brakes and anti-skid brake control systems, structures that support aircraft on the ground, aircraft retraction systems, nose wheel steering systems, and skis and floats. There is also information on specific aircraft hydraulics such as Boeing 727 and 757, the Cessna Citation, Gates Learjet 25, and the Canadair 601.

As an added bonus, there are appendices containing basic symbols, maintenance of alclad floats, conversion and installation of skis, rigging of skis as well as a complete glossary of hydraulic and related terms.

The author is a respected instructor at the worlds largest aviation university. This book reflects his more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry.

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  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Systems
    • aircraft hydraulic systems; hydraulic fluid; seals
  • Fluid Lines and Fittings
    • rigid fluid lines; fabricating rigid tubing; joining rigid tubing; flexible fluid lines; flexible hose connections; fabrication and replacement of flexible hose; fluid line fittings; connection of fluid lines; fluid line installation; identification of fluid lines; servicing and repair of metal tube lines
  • Basic Hydraulic Systems
    • open and closed hydraulic systems; hydraulic power systems
  • Hydraulic System Components
    • reservoirs; filters; pumps; pressure regulators
  • Valves
    • flow control valves; check valves; orifice check; sequence valves; priority valves; quick disconnect valves; hydraulic fuses; metering check valves; orifices or restrictor valves; fire shut-off valves; pressure control valves; actuators
  • Aircraft Tires, Tubes, and Wheels
    • tire classifications, tire construction; tire inspection; tire removal; repair and retreading; aircraft tubes; tire mounting; tire balancing; handling tips; aircraft wheels
  • Aircraft Brakes
    • types of brakes; brake construction
  • Power Brake Systems
    • boosted brakes; power brakes
  • Brake Inspection & Service
    • on the aircraft; off the aircraft
  • Brake Control Systems
    • system operation; system components; system tests; system maintenance; Canadair Challenger 601 brake system
  • Structures that Support Aircraft on the Ground
    • peration from the ground; operation from the water; operation from snow; aircraft landing gear systems; landing gear alignment and support
  • Small and Large Aircraft Retraction Systems
    • gear structural support and alignment; landing gear retraction check; emergency extension systems; landing gear safety devices; landing gear system maintenance
  • Nose Wheel Steering Systems
    • small aircraft; large aircraft; shimmy dampers; Canadair Challenger nose wheel steering
  • Skis and Floats
    • winter flying on ice and snow; Federal Airglide wheel-skis; Federal Air-lite wheel-skis; floats and hulls; amphibious floats
  • Pneumatic Systems
    • pneumatic systems; pneumatic system maintenance
  • Large Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
    • generic large systems; Boeing 727 hydraulic system; Boeing 757 hydraulic system; Cessna Citation system; Gates Lear 25 system; Canadair 601 system
  • Flight Control Systems for Large Aircraft
    • types of control systems; Boeing 727 system; Canadair 601 flight controls; 727 trailing edge flaps
  • Appendix
    • logic systems; electrical symbols; hydraulic symbols; maintenance and repair; Alclad floats; AC 43.13 landing gear equipment; AC 43.13 Hydraulic Systems; Skis conversion and installation; Rigging of skis; FAR 23 landing gear; FAR 23; waterloads; FAR 23 floats and hulls


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