Basic Aerobatics, by Geza Szurovy

Basic Aerobatics

by Geza Szurovy

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Learn all you need to know to perform exciting maneuvers such as spins, loops, Cuban 8s, barrel rolls, and more - safely and precisely

Basic Aerobatics, by author Gene Szurovy, is the most requested aerobatic book. 11 basic maneuvers are covered, each with subsections entitled Understanding It, Flying It, Common Errors, If Things Go Wrong. Following each chapter are diagrams showing the maneuver from outside the aircraft and photos showing the maneuver from the pilot's in-cockpit point of view. Although most of the photos and some of text revolve around a Sukhoi 29 aerobatic aircraft, care is taken in the book to offer generic instructions valid for most aerobatically capable aircraft and not just exclusively for the Sukhoi. (By contrast, the other Basic Aerobatics book by William Kershner is based around a Cessna Aerobat.)

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  • Getting Started
  • Loads & Limits
  • Preflight & Airborne Preparation
  • Stalls
  • Aileron Rolls
  • Slow Rolls
  • Inverted Flights Loops
  • Half Loops
  • The Immelmann
  • The Cuban Eight
  • The Reverse Cuban Eight
  • The Hammerhead
  • Spins
  • Advanced Maneuvers
    • snap rolls
    • outside snap rolls
    • tailslides
    • outside loops
    • inverted spins
    • vertical rolls
    • knife-edge flight
    • hesitation rolls
    • square loops
    • rolling circles
    • gyroscopic maneuvers
  • Recreational Aerobatics
  • Competition Aerobatics
  • Airshow Display Aerobatics
  • Buying an Aerobatic Aircraft
  • Ten Hour Aerobatic Course
  • Five Hour Aerobatic Course


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