Avionics Troubleshooting  and Repair, by Edward Maher

Avionics Troubleshooting
and Repair

by Edward Maher

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Teaches recognition, diagnostic, and problem solving processes, including related FAA regulations.

Avionics Troubleshooting and Repair is the title of this book, but Avionics INSTALLATION and troubleshooting would be the better name. It is written for those who are in the process of selecting, and installing avionics components, and who want an understanding of the typical problems associated with these systems. It shows how to diagnose faults, how to plan or build against them, and how to understand the causes of common problems and repair procedures. It is very up-to-date, and very complete, and without a doubt, a great asset for anyone designing and installing new or upgraded system.

This is a book written for pilots and the beginning professional technician. It will give you everything you need for installation procedures, routine maintenance and testing, and the correction of basic system faults.

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  • Rules to Fly By
  • Avionics Shop Requirements
    • technician certification, avionics shop certification technician's responsibility, work pilots are allowed to do
  • Avionics Decisions
    • choosing avionics, avionics radio retrofits, TKM updates and modifications, used radios, anti theft strategies, new radios, purchasing considerations, TSO requirements, cooling fans, installation
  • Avionics Installation & Repair
    • developing an installation plan, panel modification, antennas, soldering, circuit boards and wiring repairs, electrostatic damage, wiring, tools, paperwork for installations and repair, installation checklist, wiring failure, corrosion and contamination
  • Microphones, Headsets, Intercoms
    • microphones, headsets, ANR headsets, intercoms, speakers
  • Audio Systems
    • audio and noise, audio panel manufacturers
  • Antennas
    • polarization, choosing an antenna, antenna problems, rebonding antennas
  • Communication Receivers and Transmitters
    • FCC frequency change, installation tips, antennas, COMM radio problems, NAV/COMM manufacturers, handheld tranceivers
  • Navigation Systems
    • NAV antennas, Troubleshooting VOR problems, antenna troubleshooting, VOR ground check, NAV flight test, area navigation, glideslope receivers, NAV receiver manufacturers
  • Marker Beacons
    • installation tips, marker problems, manufacturers
  • Automatic Direction Finders (ADF)
    • front end for King ADF, installation tips, ADF antennas, troubleshooting ADF problems, ADF loop/sense systems, operational checks manufacturers
  • Distance Measuring Equipment
    • installation tips, DME problems, manufacturers
  • LORAN Systems
    • LORAN vs. GPS, antenna installation, installation tips, manufacturers, LORAN CDI
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
    • how GPS works, GPS IFR approaches, GPS receivers, installation, manufacturers, handheld GPS
  • Autopilot Systems
    • autopilot gyro, maintenance, primary/bridal cables, ground check, alignment, keeping autopilots straight and level, gyro failure, installation tips, never say INOP, GPSS details, manufacturers
  • Transponders & Collision Avoidance
    • transponder modes, encoders, installation tips, altitude reporting tests and inspection, ATC tests and inspection, pitot static system check, test equipment requirements, non-pressurized aircraft static check, pressurized aircraft, collision avoidance systems, manufacturers
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
    • ELT regulations, installation tips, batteries, testing, repair, manufacturers
  • Radar Systems
    • radar antennas, radome, safety, manufacturers
  • Thunderstorm Detection Systems
    • Strike Finder and Stormscopes, lightning, plastic planes, manufacturers
  • Compass
    • compass construction, vertical card compass, problems, location, repairs, compass swinging, slaved compass, manufacturers
  • Gyroscopic Instruments
    • heading indicator, attitude indicator, turn coordinator, HSIs, gyro maintenance, trouble shooting, manufacturers
  • Radio Altimeters
    • instaltion tips, manufacturers


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