A&P Airframe Textbook Volume 2: Systems, by Dale Crane

A&P Airframe Textbook
Volume 2: Systems

by Dale Crane

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Aviation Maintenance Technician, Airframe: Systems is Volume 2 of Dale Crane’s two-part Airframe textbook. The AMTS textbooks were created to set the pace for maintenance technician training and attain a level of quality that surpasses all other maintenance textbooks on the market.

Airframe: Systems covers the various systems involved with the airframe, encompassing electrical, fuel, cabin atmosphere control, instruments, communications and navigation, ice and rain control, and fire protection systems, and aircraft inspections.

First published in 1994, this new Third Edition features full-color throughout, and content was updated as a result of industry changes, new materials and practices, and new airplanes and cockpit systems. Written by industry expert Dale Crane, the Airframe textbooks were also reviewed by an editorial team consisting of Aviation Maintenance Technicians, Inspection Authorization holders, university professors, aircraft owners, and aviation maintenance journalists.

Dale Crane's textbooks consist of the most complete and up-to-date material for A&P training. The text meets 14 CFR Part 147 curriculum requirements, as well as prepares applicants for all subjects tested on during the FAA Knowledge Exams. They are designed for at-home, classroom, or university-level training. These comprehensive textbooks include colored charts, tables and illustrations throughout, in addition to an extensive glossary, index, and additional career information.

A study guide is included within each textbook in the form of Study Question sections, with Answer keys printed at the end of each chapter. These can be used for evaluation by an instructor or for self-testing. ASA's mechanic textbooks are all-inclusive — no separate, inconvenient workbook is needed by the student or instructor. Soft cover, 480 pages, illustrated, indexed.


  • Aircraft Electrical Systems
    • introduction to electrical systems
    • aircraft power circuits
    • electrical load circuits
    • electrical system installation
    • electrical system troubleshooting
  • Aircraft Fuel systems
    • aviation fuels
    • aircraft fuel systems
    • fuel tanks
    • fuel pumps
    • filters and strainers
    • valves
    • fuel heaters
    • fuel system instruments
    • fuel system plumbing
    • fuel jettisoning system
    • contamination control
  • Cabin Atmosphere Control Systems
    • human needs in flight
    • physics of atmosphere control
    • oxygen systems
    • pressurization systems
    • aircraft heaters
    • aircraft cooling systems
  • Aircraft Instrument Systems
    • overview of instruments
    • pitot static systems
    • gyro systems
    • flight control systems
    • instrument installation
    • aural warning systems
  • Communication and Navigation
    • communication systems
    • navigation systems
    • electronic instrument systems
  • Ice and Rain Control Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Airframe Inspections
  • Glossary
  • Index


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